Mini-DinoMix #1

So I’m a big music nerd, and I love nothing more than to spread some good tunes to people that otherwise may never have heard said good tunes. So. Something I’d like to do here is make some little mini-mixtapes for the readers. Maybe 5-8 songs; long enough to fill up a half-hour, but hopefully not long enough to bore anyone to tears. The Mini Mixes will be streaming here on my blog, or downloaded as .zip files from Mediafire.

The first in the series here is pretty fucking random. But it should be a fairly upbeat mix that will be good background noise for enjoying some beers and reefers on the porch in the lovely springtime weather.

Half Japanese – King Kong Bundy

The Shaky Hands – A New Parade

Donovan – There Is A Mountain

The Dramatics – Whatcha See is Whatcha Get

Oh No! Oh My! – On The Town

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Vanessa From Queens

Here is your easy-peasy mediafire download link: Mini DinoMix #1


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