Holy cow, it’s Lee Moses!

I want to talk to you about Lee Moses. There isn’t too much to go on; truth is, this man is kind of an enigma. He only released on LP in his day (1971’s Time and Place), and a few singles that didn’t make it very high up in the charts. I’m not going to sit and pretend I know much about him. Lee Moses - Time and PlaceI’m a person that just wants the music. But when I started this blog and realised I’m going to have to post some Lee Moses for the readers, I tried to do some reseach. So I could come with some interesting trivia and shit. What I found is that there really isn’t much out there on this guy. But I will say this:

He was a guitar playing badass from the Atlanta area. Moved up to New York and did a lot of session work in the early-mid 1960s. Recorded a few singles and one album. He hung around with Jimi hendrix a bit, and some of the fellas from The Ohio Players. He may or may not have died in the late 1990s. The guy’s voice is one of the most soulful you will ever hear, and his guitar playing was gritty as fuck. In 2007ish, some record label took his album “Time and Place,” added all of his singles to it, and released it as an anthology of the same name. It’s not easy to find anywhere. But it needs to be heard. I’ll stream a couple of songs in a second here, and then give you a Mediafire link to go download this album. Don’t fuck around. If you’ve ever cared about soul music, blues music, rock and roll music…give this an honest try. Let it wiggle around in your brain. And then tell your friends about it. Even if only for his cover of California Dreaming, you’re gonna want to download the album and listen religiously.

Lee Moses – Free At Last

Lee Moses – California Dreaming

Mediafire link: Lee Moses – Time and Place


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2 Responses to Holy cow, it’s Lee Moses!

  1. rocco says:

    thanks man… brilliant!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how you managed to pull this off but your a genius and I am locking these tracks up in my vault. This is amazing I’m in shock . thank you. Thank you thank you !

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