The Batin’ A-Hole.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently become single. People are talking a lot lately about how this is the “year of the break-up,” and I have to agree. While I know a few people who are jumping off the deep end into marriage this spring, I know so many more who are saying ‘good riddance’ to their relationships.

Anyway. I got a message on facebook from a friend this morning, a not-too-close friend but a friend nonetheless. A kind acquaintence really. But she sends me a message saying something to the effect of, “So your ex tells me you’ve become an asshole who just masterbates[sic] all the time now.” Which immediately led me to believe that said ex-girlfriend has been keeping up with my new blog here, as I recently posted a list called “7 Reasons why masturbating beats sexing.” Which, I’ll admit, could have been construed as pretty offensive to the person I recently broke up with (Maybe you could read it and tell me if I’m wrong?). But I don’t understand why she’s reading my blog anyway. It occurs to me that, when getting over a relationship, it’s probably best to stay away from the other person, right? Or at least until the shitty feelings have settled down.

I’m just finding the whole break-up ridiculous. One second, the girl is criticizing me to no end, talking about how I “ruined her” and whatnot. A second later, I’m getting text messages at 3am saying “I miss you so much.” On top of all this, we both use (“have used in the past” would be more correct) this one internet messageboard: I will not name it, due to embarrassment. But now she’s having a fit about the fact that I’m posting there a bit lately. Mind you, it’s a big forum with more than 50,000 members and plenty of space for the both of us. And crazy girl is fighting me for custody of said messageboard now! OH lord, the drama, the drama.

Yes. This is getting boring. I just posted this to vent a little. And to suggest to her, if she’s reading, that maybe she’d feel better if she didn’t read this. But also I’d like to reach out into the world and ask for your stories: Do you have a break-up that has gone from bad to worse? What ridiculous strategies have your exes used either to try and get you back, or to try and avenge their broken hearts? What did you do to deal with the situation? Does it ever get better?

I’d like it if some conversation could take place here. Please share your thoughts.


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