WordPress is adorable!

Am I the only one that notices the teeny-tiny little smiley faces that are hidden all over wordpress.com? Like the one that’s all the way in the bottom left corner right now? I think that one’s there all the time. But I also find them on random people’s blogs whenever I’m just poking around! They automatically make me smile… or at the very least, grin a little.

I think they would be cooler though if they were linked to random, fun websites. Or creepy websites even, that could be funny too. I want to click on one of those tiny smiley faces and be brought to a webpage that alerts me of all the sex offenders in Jacksonville, Florida. Or maybe I’d be transported to a website that old episodes of Thundercats, except they’re all dubbed in Portugese.

These people should make it happen, don’t you think? Unless it turns out that I am indeed the only one who can see the smileys…



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2 Responses to WordPress is adorable!

  1. braeraye says:

    I had not noticed them before, but I will be on the lookout now. That’s too cute!

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