“Write what you know, fool.”

So yeah, I’ve said it before: I’m new to the blogging thing. And since I’m a bit neurotic, I find myself doing a lot of researching on anything I do. And so blogging. I’ve been all over Google the last few days with, “write better blog posts” and “increasing blog traffic” and on and on. I even took a book out from the library today, The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. Yes, a bit pathetic, I agree. But I like to be effective.
So anyway. Here’s what I’m thinking, based on all my retarded amateur researching. The most valuable thing I can do for this blog and for any readers… is to talk about what I know. So what do I know? Music– okay, I’m already writing a lot about that. After that, I’m getting a bit nervous. Because I think all I know is music… and being somewhat mentally ill. So guess what! I think this fucker just turned itself into a blog about manic-depression, anxiety, and the lifelong struggles that have ensued!
That means I can tell stories about sometimes not leaving the basement for two weeks straight! And hating everyone I love! And involuntarily walking out on more than 70 jobs in the 12 years I’ve been working! And sprinkling broken lightbulbs into the shallow end of the motel pool!
Yep. I have no idea if people want to read about this shit, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Not constantly. Because I think it’s important to gush about my favorite bands, and rail on-and-on about how terrible patriotism is for the soul and how Oprah is the antichrist, et cetera. Still though, I think that’s where it’s at: mental illness. Because I am really great being out of my goddamn mind. If you read my blog you might learn how to do a better job of alienating your friends, making your co-workers feel very uneasy around you, and maybe we’ll even have a few laughs in the process.
Does that sound reasonable? Keep in mind, I’m very hungry for acceptance, therefore I will probably follow through on any outlandish suggestions you may have. So feel free to propose new ways for me to make myself look completely ridiculous on the internet.
Bye now!


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2 Responses to “Write what you know, fool.”

  1. Riayn says:

    So glad that someone else thinks Oprah is the antichrist. I really dislike that woman and her pushing of pseduoscience crap. I have no idea how she is the darling of America.

    Sounds like you have a healthy humor about your mental illness. I hope to reach that stage one day. For now, I just want a diagnosis, to know what exactly I’m dealing with.

    • Thanks for your comments. Yes, Oprah is a bad bad person. I’m pretty convinced that anybody who has more money than almost anyone in the world, and doesn’t give half of it to the charities he/she “cares so much about”… well, this person is probably a complete piece of shit and a lying liar.

      As far as my humor, yeah. I’ve learned to laugh about it. People who are closest to me usually know what to expect, so they cut me some slack. And othere than that, if I didn’t laugh.. I’d probably cry. And crying is for pussies. (No, not really. But you know what I mean.)

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