“Who cares about Earth Day????” I do, bitch.

I sometimes hate my friends. Hate is a childish, irrational word and so I do my best not to use it but… I am a pissed off puppy right now. I logged on to facebook, only to find that one of my good friends writes as her status update: “WHO CARES ABOUT EARTH DAY???? this might be wrong but not me!” I proceeded to chew her out via the comments section, but I’m left embittered regardless. I can’t believe some people can be so fucking ignorant and reckless. No, Earth Day isn’t a huge deal as long as you’re semi-conscious of the environment every day of the year. But for the fucking neanderthals that still litter their McDonald’s wrappers out the car window, why can’t you at least take ONE DAY to not be a complete asshole to your home planet??

This is another reason why I do not belong here on Long Island. In California, in Oregon, in Washington… people fucking recycle and compost and reuse. They avoid driving cars if they can. They pick up their dogs’ shit off the sidewalk. They have an appreciation for racial and cultural diversity. They have organic produce in the big chain-supermarkets. Goodness gracious. Sometimes I get so mad at the ignorance I see around me. Sure, out west people are still fucking dumb a lot of times (can’t drive, walk slowly and annoyingly, can’t make a decent breakfast sandwich for the life of them, et cetera). But for the most part, they aren’t blatantly screwing everything up for the rest of us.

I’ve only been back on Long Island for less than four months now, and I am already to my breaking point with these people. You know people still say “nigger” here? No, not niggas as in “my niggas,” but as in “The N word.” What the f!ck, man? It makes me so sad and ashamed for humanity (and my own race, white folk, in particular) sometimes, when I think of “how far we’ve come” (which I think is really a total sham, by the way. we haven’t come very far at all, have we?) and how much further we have to go. It’s really gross and embarrassing.

No matter how many shame-showers I take, the white just won’t wash off.


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2 Responses to “Who cares about Earth Day????” I do, bitch.

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m from NC, and I swear it really does seem like people up north are as racist and even more racist than us crackers around here.
    As for Earth Day, I care, just not like Al Gore cares, which is probably bad.

  2. I don’t know. Depending on where you go, it isn’t always so blatant. Here on Long Island, it’s terrible. But I think the sad truth is that racism hides in the cracks and corners of everything white people have ever done. And now, deservedly, there’s a ton of racism aimed back at the honkies too.
    That’s another reason I like Earth Day and Earth in general. It’s big enough that it can wipe us all out, with no need for discrimination. That is rad power!

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