Going to the zoo is rad.

I’m not a huge fan of taking animals out of their habitat and putting them in cages. But a lot of zoos today focus more on breeding endangered species and rehabing sick animals and all of that. One way or another, I’ve justified to myself that going to the zoo is alright, as long as we understand that the tigers have a right to kill us if they want. We deserve it, don’t we?

Well. I think it’s time to go to The Bronx Zoo, as I haven’t been there in about 12 years. And even though the Oregon Zoo is way way better, I think it’ll be fun. Last time I went, I saw an otter jerking off… I was fairly impressed.

I was just fucking around on youtube again, and I found this:

You know, I briefly dated a girl who was into this kind of thing. We didn’t last long at all though.


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One Response to Going to the zoo is rad.

  1. That was too much this early in the afternoon. I need some vodka before I go watching creatures drink their piss.

    I remember the Bronx Zoo and getting on of those felt giraffes (22 years ago). Nothing exciting happen. But the zoo in Toronto was fun. I got to see giraffe eat out another giraffe and then proceed to fuck her. Good times, I guess.

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