Thanks to Peter Steele’s death…

I am now famous. That’s right. To date, I have had dozens of visitors to my blog by way of search engine terms having to do with “Peter Steele’s cock.” Because I posted this really stupid blog entry a while ago.

The best one happened today, someone searched for “Peter Steele’s little cock,” and that is how they found my blog. And I laughed and laughed. Can you believe how awesome this guy must’ve been that, as soon as he dies, the first thing people want to know about him is what his little peener looked like? Fucking amazing. Thank you, internet.

There’s nothing I love more than having my ego profit at the expense of very dead, very Fabio-looking goths.


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2 Responses to Thanks to Peter Steele’s death…

  1. I’ve had some pretty crazy google searches come my way as well. Every so often I write a post about the “best” searches from the past few months.

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