This is not Kansas & I am not Toto.

I’m a bit drunk tonight. I feel like it’s time to introduce you to the weird little man behind the curtain.

I’m going to post a handful of mp3s. Songs I made. Not so I can be told nice things about them or whatever, I’m not fishing for compliments. I guess, whether I admit it or not, I’m making a blog that’s fairly personal, and so maybe I think giving my music to you will help you understand the context of everything else I’m doing here? So yes. A few songs. Maybe four. Four is fair, isn’t it? And besides, it would be very easy for you to close this page and go masturbate or set a fire instead. So I think I’m not intruding too much on your personal time. But some people may like this. Maybe. I just may be.

So here’s one that’s really about nothing. Except it’s sort of an inside joke between me and myself, about how people go to silly extremes to hide from themselves or maybe they do silly things to hide themselves from others. It’s an inside joke because I am equally guilty of the aforementioned crimes against the spirit. Anyway, this is the song here. I never really had a decent name for it.

This next song is fucked up. I wrote this when I was transitioning from hardcore conspiracy theorist to, well… not giving a fuck about the government anymore. That’s right. I didn’t vote for Obama, because I don’t give a fuck. People say, ohh you should vote because that’s what makes America great and blah blah blah. But I don’t believe America is great. I’d much rather be in Africa, far away from McDonalds and H&R Block. That’s right, kids. I don’t pay taxes, I don’t vote, I don’t have credit, I don’t have a bank account, I haven’t driven legally in about 7 years now, and I really mean it when I tell you I don’t give a fuck. Because when I did, I was far more crazy than I am now (oh, you have no idea).
So this one is called “What I’m Gonna Do About It”

And this song, I wrote for my last girlfriend, before she was my girlfriend. We were just buddies on this internet message board we both posted on for years. Slow evolution, but eventually we lived together for a couple years. It’s over now, but that’s okay. I think it was an important part of both of our lives, we both grew up a lot in that time. But this song is essentially about defying odds and getting the impossible to happen. I called it “Ghost to Ghost” and it features a fairly bitchin’ kazoo solo near the end.

This next one, the last one (thank goodness), is a doozy. It’s a short look at a dude during his most schizophrenic moments. It’s probably about my struggle to hang on to being normal enough to maintain relationships with other humans… but usually I’m pretty good at obliterating peoples’ expectations of me. This song sounds more depressing than it really is. Because what’s really going on is that I find other people at fault for placing such high expectations in the first place. Hence the totally goofy ending.
This is called “The Art of Failing Miserably”

And for anybody, all two of you, who got this far without breaking a sweat… I congratulate you for your perserverence. Or at least I hope your LSD trip is going fabulously. If you want to hear more, or want to have these mp3s for personal use, let me know and I will have my people call your people.


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4 Responses to This is not Kansas & I am not Toto.

  1. risha; says:

    As much fun masturbating or setting things on fire undoubtedly is, your music is enchanting.

    Thank you for sharing. <3

  2. cupitonians says:

    Oh dear Lord. Your music gave me chills AND took me on a huge fucking roller coaster ride. I can only imagine what listening to your music when tripping on acid would feel like. I’m not a music agent or anything, but i really, REALLY would like to hear more. Please? Pretty please with choco chips on top?

    (The girl who just started stalking you on twitter!)

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