When I’m on my way…

Somebody (this somebody’s quite entertaining blog can be found at hipstercrite.com) posed this question in a forum on 20sb.net and I thought it’d be nice to put here on this blog.

Person asked what would be on “the mixtape of your life.” And so I came up with this list. All these songs are linked to youtube videos, so feel free to go enjoy some good tunes. I did complain, however, that I’d want to do a second part of this… because there are a lot of loud songs that just wouldn’t have fit in with these. And yeah, I just like too much music, there are way too many important things that didn’t make it on here (where’s Bowie, for fuck’s sake?!). I will definitely need to do a Volume II. So I’ll keep you posted on that. Okay? Okay!

Also, feel free to tell me what would be on your life’s mixtape! I’m genuinely curious!!

01. The Flaming Lips – Turn It On
02. Daniel Johnston – Story of an Artist
03. Loose Fur – The Ruling Class
04. Animal Collective w/ Vashti Bunyan – Prospect Hummer
05. Sonic Youth w/ Kim Deal – Little Trouble Girl
06. Will Oldham – I See A Darkness
07. The Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll
08. John Frusciante – Running Away Into You
09. Broadcast – You And Me In Time
10. Brian Eno – By This River
11. Devendra Banhart – Onward The Indian
12. Metallic Falcons – Desert Cathedral
13. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
14. John Lennon – God
15. The White Noise- Love Without Sound
16. Radiohead – Lucky
17. Frank Sinatra – My Way
18. Geeshie Wiley – Last Kind Words Blues


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5 Responses to When I’m on my way…

  1. Hipstercrite says:

    Somebody?!?! ;)

  2. sayitinasong says:

    Life’s mix-tape!?! OMG – that thought will now keep me awake for days….too many songs!!! And which would qualify to put on a Life List?!?! Abba is in for sure…that’s all I know so far…. :o)

  3. risha; says:

    Yet again.
    A playlist I have to steal.

    Make this a monthly thing and I’ll have lots of badass music to listen to and the most perfect mixes!

    So hey, I had a question. I wanted to start this new sort of section on my blog in the next couple of months- sort of giving back to the blogworld as I tend to get a tonne out of it (great conversation, wonderful stories and some fantastic music. coughcough). I wanted to basically showcase some stuff that bloggers do and don’t really draw attention to- just stuff that I loved and reckon other might too.

    You can see where I’m going with this, yes?

    WouldyoumindterriblyifIshowcasedyourmusicandlinkeditsometimesoon? You can say no. I wouldn’t be upset.

    For long.


    • Robert says:

      I was a dj at a pirate radio station for a couple years, and I’m not anymore but I miss it like crazy. So really, there’s nothing I love more than force-feeding good music to people.

      As far as the question you asked about showcasing things… I think you’re meaning the music I’ve made? Because yeah, that would be okay I think. Like I said, I’m not that shy about my own music, I just don’t like to push it too hard on people. I know it’s not everyone’s bag, you know? But yeah, I’d be stoked.

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