Land of the free.

I am from The US of A. I think our national anthem is out-dated, and we need to find a new one. The current, Star-Spangled Banner is about our flag flying over the bombs and dead bodies of war. And I think our mindset of “war is fucking glorious and righteous” has destroyed this country for long enough. Maybe the Revolutionary War was a halfway decent idea, as was (maybe) our Civil War. But we’ve seemed to have our hands in one conflict or another, constantly, for at least the entire 20th centure and the first 10% of this new century.

Here’s the thing though. War fucking sucks. And regarding people who fight in wars, they’re not heroes. They are murderers. MURDERERS! Ha. It’s true though, no? Yep, “just following orders” is something they say a lot, or “we are protecting your freedoms” or something similar but it’s all overly-patriotic bullshit, isn’t it? When was the last time America had a war that was neccessary or like… made a little sense?

I know, I know. I sound idealistic and naive. And yes, I probably am extremely idealistic and naive. But. I’ve never blown up any towns and I’ve never accidentally shot the innocent wife of an innocent civilian man. I sleep at night, with no worries about my past transgressions catching up with me (okay, not true. but my transgressions never involve blood or brain matter).

Anyhow. Yes. I’d like to hear about the sentiments behind other countries’ national anthems. Are they war songs? Freedom songs? “Our produce is the freshest in the world” songs? What? Who wants a new Anthem for America? I personally love Canada’s, which is sort of about standing up for themselves… but they never have to really do that… maybe because they don’t spend their time having a World’s Biggest Penis Contest with everyone else? Who knows.


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2 Responses to Land of the free.

  1. risha; says:

    I really like this post.

    As a certified peace kid (my MA is in Peace and Conflict Studies) I cannot THIS! this post enough.

    I completely agree with you re: war and how it’s a waste of time, energy, resources and most importantly, of life. It doesn’t work! Wonder how long it’ll take for that lesson to sink in!

    The Indian national anthem is all about how beautiful the country is, long live the country and that the Indian people (who are the creators of India’s destiny) are beholden to the creator of India’s destiny (yep, works both ways).

    The UAE National anthem is all “woo, we’re a nation! god bless us!”

    The Filipino National anthem is on a whole, “our country is beautiful and we’re good people and will protect it from any more colonising pigs” kick.

    You want a blood hungry anthem? Check out the La Marseillaise:

    • Robert says:

      French folk scare me a little more now. But a little less at the same time.

      I think it might be high time to switch anthems with the Philippines. Although I’m not sure anyone would buy the whole “we’re good people” part. Maybe, if we’re going for realism, somebody should just hire Britney Spears and Toby Keith to write us a new one. About eating fast food and getting hooked on painkillers and watching a lot of reality television instead of living our own realities.

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