Rad Film: Genghis Blues

I got this documentary film, Genghis Blues, from the library today. I got it because I like music. Yes. I like Tuvan throat singing. And I like blues. This film has both. I laughed and cried and thought it was one of the best things I’ve seen in a while.

My synopsis:
This blind bluesman Paul Pena from San Francisco loses his wife, starts losing his mind, acquires a new hobby: playing around with shortwave radio. Hears some strange sounds. Starts digging around, eventually finds out this sound is Tuvan throat singing. Though native Tuvans spend their entire lives practicing this traditional singing, he teaches himself how to do it on his own in a matter of months. Ends up in right place, right time. Hooks up with some people who want him to go to Tuva to compete in their national throat singing competition. What happens is an adventure that ends up bringing two different worlds together in an awe-inspiring collision of cultures.

Rent this shit today.

It’s a beautiful story of how music transcends everything.


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