Good News for the Pus Pickers!

I was thinking today. I was watching a documentary about Sun Ra, called A Joyful Noise. And it reminded me of another documentary called Danielson: A Family Movie (or, Make A Joyful Noise HERE). As in Danielson, the band. Not sure if you’re familiar (haha) with this band but I love them. And I miss them. Before today, I hadn’t listened to their albums in like a year.

They are a group made up mostly of a man named Daniel Smith and his family. Brothers, sisters, wives, close friends, even Sufjan Stevens was in the band for a while (before he got all super-famous and stuff). At their most basic level, they make amazing music for God. Indeed, they’re Christians. But no, don’t be alarmed. I get the impression that they’re the kind and tolerant types of Christians who don’t stand in front of Planned Parenthood with posters of dead babies.

I don’t care either way though. The tunes are brilliant. And joyous. And wonderfully weird. The live shows are the kind of life-affirming musical experience that we all deserve to have once in a while. And yes. Sadly, most people seem to have no idea this band exists. That changes now, at least for the small group of folks that read this blog. Here are two videos that are both aurally and visually stimulating. I will warn you, however, that some people find the vocals to be a little jarring at first. Just give them a minute to sink in, you’ll be okay.

Listen up!

Feel free to listen further and buy their records from Secretly Canadian or Sounds Familyre. I HIGHLY recommend the Tri-Danielson double-vinyl reissue, it is maybe the greatest thing to ever spin at 33rpm.


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