Funny blood.

I don’t have a lot to say. It’s late. But a couple of things happened today that I want to remember. That’s right… In case you didn’t know, this blog is also serving as my personal journal. With the arthritis thing, I can’t write much more than a few lines with pen/paper on most days. So yes. This one is more a “note to self” kind of thing.

Today, I drank some beer and played with a saws-all (which is apparently spelled “sawzall,” but that is an obnoxious word to look at). I’ve never used one of these before, but I must get one. I carved the holy crap out of a playhouse (like for kids, about 6 feet tall, framed with metal pipe) in the backyard, because that old piece of shit had to go. But heck yeah! I’m talking about destroying steel pipes in a matter of seconds. And then I cut my hand 4 times, on the freshly-sliced metal (not the saw blade, thank goodness). But it was really funny to keep sawing while my hand was cut because the blood was squirting all over the place. Not because they were serious cuts, but because the saw’s vibration was shaking my body so violently… and I’ve heard alcohol is a blood-thinner too, yeah? I even suirted blood on my little cousin, who was standing a good 9 feet away. But don’t worry, I don’t have any sex diseases. Imagine accidentally giving AIDS to a 13-yr-old, by way of squirting blood from a saw wound?

Anyway… GOOD TIMES! I need to get a saws-all, and you probably should too. Here’s a video of what you can do with one of these things when you’re not feeling tipsy in the backyard!


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4 Responses to Funny blood.

  1. Flowervalley says:

    Sounds fun. Maybe something I should’ve used when I tore out my kitchen last year… Instead of bending, tearing and punching with just a crowbar, a screwdriver and a hammer. And my enooormous muscles, of course.

    Like your new theme btw. Looks good.

    • Robert says:

      Oh man, it was so much fun. The part I forgot to mention was that this thing vibrated so heavily, it actually made the insides of my arms itch! I mean like inside my muscles, it was amazing. Next time you tear up a kitchen or a bathroom or anything really, borrow a saws-all from someone!

      And thank you. I think the new layout is a bit cleaner and hopefully easier to navigate.

  2. Amber says:

    That thing scares me.

    Did your cousin say/do anything when the blood squirted?

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