Here is a piano from the future.

Apparently, this bastard came out a few years ago already. I’ve never seen one. I want it though. Now! Please?

It’s the K208 Pegasus Grand Piano by Schimmel. This is the piano of the future. It was designed in part by Luigi Colani who is, by far, the weirdest living genius of our generation. I love him. In fact, if you want to have a really good time having your mind expanded on the internet, go to his website:

Anyway. Here’s what they say about The Pegasus on the Schimmel Pianos website:

Well-thought-out details for maximum comfort: At the touch of a fingertip, an electrically driven lift mechanism silently raises or lowers the top, as if by magic. The integrated piano stool, which can be extended in width for duet playing, conveys a feeling of complete harmony between the pianist(s) and the instrument. The music rack of a durable transparent acrylic plastic material can be set in either an upright or a flat position, irrespective of whether the top is open or closed.
Pegasus – at first it was just a daring flight of fantasy on the part of the eccentric German designer Prof. Luigi Colani and the German piano manufacturer Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel, who inherited a pioneer spirit from his grandfather and father. It was their vision to free the grand piano, the most expressive of traditional acoustic musical instruments, from its form which had hardly changed in the past 150 years, as well as to lend the upright piano a future-oriented design. Sound and form, form and sound were to permeate these new extraordinary instruments and the pianist was to be an integral part. And every Pegasus grand is an exclusive instrument. Manufactured in a strictly limited annual number, each instrument bears the logos of its manufacturer Nikolaus W. Schimmel and its designer Prof. Luigi Colani. Mother Nature played a decisive role here because Prof. Colani, who commutes between Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris, is at war with all corners and edges. For him, only one form counts – the oval. He considers it one of the most perfect forms of nature, and it is the archetype of many of his internationally renowned creations.

And here is how fucking cool it looks:

I just filled out their contact form, to find out how much this thing costs. My guess is at least $100,000 AT LEAST. But I could start a donation page somewhere. I NEED ONE OF THESE!! Like how starving kids need food and clean drinking water! EMERGENCY STATUS AND STUFF!


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2 Responses to Here is a piano from the future.

  1. Jason Simone says:

    It’s pretty, and I wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin. But nothing will ever hold a candle to my 1928 Kimball baby grand. *tear* I miss her…

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