Linkin Park still has fans??

I was poking around some forums at and I was displeased. Did you know there are actually adults who are still describing Linkin Park as “amazing” and “groundbreaking” and stuff? This makes me feel a little sick in my belly. Not that I want to provoke a stupid argument about it. And I certainly realise that trying to train cows to speak english is a waste of time. I JUST DON’T GET IT THOUGH. No, I’m not really a music snob, I mean I’m pretty open to everything that isn’t Celine Dion. While I personally prefer Motorhead or The Moldy Peaches to Justin Timberlake, I don’t feel a need to shit on Justin Timberlake fans. But Linkin Park? Amazing? Really?

So. I’ve been looking on the internet for scientific proof that Linkin Park sucks, but I can’t find anything other than a bunch of 15-year-olds arguing on a videogame message board. What made me laugh though, was when I googled the phrase “adults who still listen to linkin park,” there were ZERO results. Then I worried about logistics and grammar. So I tried “adults that still listen to linkin park,” along with “adults that listen to linkin park,” and “adults who listen to linkin park.” Yes, I know that was repetetive and probably annoying to read through, but I wanted to cover all my bases. When done with quotations, I got ZERO results for any of the above searches. When I did all of these searches slightly differently, with the word “adults” replaced with “kids” or “children” or “teenagers” or “mentally handicapped people,” I got thousands of results combined. So. This obviously means something.

Just thinking out loud here, folks. Feel free to comment on why Linkin Park is the raddest band you’ve ever heard. In the meantime, here’s a funny video about the matter at hand:

**UPDATE: MAY 13, 2010**
It has been less than 24 hours since I posted this blog entry. I have already gotten 2 new visitors because they google searched “scientific proof linkin park sucks.” I feel good that I’m clearly not the only one thinking about this. Also, if anyone does find the scientific proof, please come back and let me know.


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14 Responses to Linkin Park still has fans??

  1. jaminicole says:

    I would just like to point out that the “World Famous End” – the apparent fabled alternative station of the Gods in Seattle plays Linkin Park pretty consistently. It makes me want to cry. And move back to Portland.

    • Robert says:

      That’s not KEXP, is it? I always thought they were pretty decent. I always assume if a radio station is okay with Linkin Park, they’re probably okay with Creed and Sum 41 and whole grip of other inconsequential bands?

      Not to be a walking cliche, but I don’t get down with corporate radio. I generally prefer listening to any community-based station or even NPR or something. Clear Channel is not my friend.

  2. Jason Simone says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Linkin Park, but I am a huge fan of the album they did with Jay-Z. It was just… good!

    Everything else they’ve can pretty much burn…

  3. Jenny says:

    What?!! You don’t like Celine Dion? I’m so disappointed. :(

    I still like some of Linkin Park’s songs. I wouldn’t call them groundbreaking, no, but their songs are catchy.

    That video cracked me up. I wasn’t expecting the guy to give a speech about bad music.

  4. risha; says:

    In one of my many roles as intern-bitch and coffee girl; I was once a junior writer at a music, lifestyle and arts magazine that nobody not living in that city has ever heard of and has now died a sad death thanks to bankruptcy.

    I did write a major Linkin Park diss. I compared them (at some point) to the whine of a dot-matrix printer.

    It was published.

    I think it might’ve been one of my best pieces.

    • Robert says:

      Well, passionately hating a band is a great way to harness and aim your creative energy in a particular direction.

      I’d like to read that sometime. If you’ve got it.

      • risha; says:

        It was a few years ago, but I’ll have a dig about in my e-mail inbox. I do have a hard copy at my parents’ house; but that’s half a continent away, if you’re willing to wait a few months to have ridiculousness foisted upon you.

  5. cupitonians says:

    Well I can’t give you scientific proof but this much I know, they wrote some lyrics that were easy for rebellious teens to relate to, you know … breaking the habit, numb, I need somewhere I belong, fuck you, I don’t give a shit (okay I may have made a few of these up, but you get what I’m saying?). Mix that up with some hard hitting beats that are loud enough for adults to hate and a group with mixed ethnicity that are screaming their fuckin lungs out … i mean seriously … this is genius. Groundbreaking even. Stirs up the teenage angst, feeds it and makes you think you’re gangsta, that you got swagger and makes you wanna fist pump & wear goth eye make up. Such a simple way to become famous and sell a million records!

    • You sound like you’re actually buying into this shit though. This scares me…

      • cupitonians says:

        I AM fascinated by people who play us (meaning humans) for suckers and actually succeed. So of course I’ve spent sleepless nights trying to crack the “why in the name of all good music are these fuckers still so damn famous?” And what fascinates me most is how easy it really is to pull a fast one. I might write a song, something along the lines of boohoo no one cares for me, add some sexy guitar riffs and see if it’ll fund my world tour ;)

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