Bristling and ugly.

I was pretty stoked when Jeff Mangum played at the Chris Knox benefit show last week in New York. Sad sad sad that I couldn’t afford the hella expensive tickets. But that’s okay. Because what is happening is good news.

I’m not part of that group who spend their time saying “where’s Jeff Mangum and when is he going to make a new record?” I feel that kind of talk must be torturous for that man. He made a couple of brilliant records like 500 years ago. Not trying to sound shitty, I mean, they were/are AMAZING records that I still listen to regularly. But holy shit man, can you imagine dropping off the face of the planet for personal reasons, only to live a life that is subject to constant rumour year after year? “Dude, I saw Jeff Mangum take a shit at McDonald’s today. I think he must be working on Aeroplane Part II.”

Anyway. Fuck all that. I understand the plight of a person whose mind sometimes makes certain things very difficult. In fact, this is probably why I’m 28 and still haven’t amounted to much of anything. The brain gets the better of me at the most crucial moments, and so I go into hiding until I’m okay enough to deal with the world. ANYWAY.

I am just happy. To see that Mr Mangum is feeling healthy enough to go out and play some songs at a benefit show for a sick friend. And now, we have recordings to enjoy. The reason I waited a while to post this, because this show happened a week ago, I was waiting to see if there were any better quality videos that would pop up. But no. So. Yeah. Here is a pretty beautiful rendition of Oh Comely. Enjoy this, because it’s pretty much songwriting perfection….


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