There Is No Alternative.

I was ever-so-slightly participating in a discussion about AIDS the other night. Cures, prevention, awareness, funding, et cetera. I didn’t have a lot to add because I’m not very smart, I don’t stay up on world events, and I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist who blames the White Establishment for everything. I mean, wealthy white folks are pretty much a fucking virus in themselves, no? And I get the impression that AIDS is probably considered to be a fairly lucrative form of population control. So yes, this is why I mostly kept quiet during this smarty-talk.

Anyway, to illustrate how stupid I really am, here is what this conversation about AIDS stirred up in my brain:

Anyone else remember that compilation that The Red Hot Organization put out in the early 90s? No Alternative? With all the good jams from Bob Mould and Pavement and Smashing Pumpkins (before Billy Corgan started shaving his head like an asshole) and Soul Asylum?? Yeah. That’s right. I talk about a disease that still kills millions of people and has no cure in sight (or at least not for people who don’t play in the NBA) and what do I think of? Rock music from the 1990s.

I used to listen to this CD constantly when I was 12 or 13. I think I originally bought it because Nirvana had a hidden track on it (Verse Chorus Verse, a song also known as Sappy). It was my first introduction to Pavement and Patti Smith and Unlce Tupelo and Hüsker Dü (by way of Bob Mould). And there are just a ton of good jams all over it. So I’m going to post it for you to download. But I want you to do something, okay?

Since you’re not spending any money in a store for this one, you’re essentially killing people. Babies in Africa will lose their parents to AIDS this year, and it’ll be your fault. So. Make up for your lack of class and go to Join(RED) and put yourself on their email list. Or at the very least, just explore their website because they’re doing a lot of things to spread awareness and to help people. Learn a little something about how AIDS is indeed still destroying people in Africa (and everywhere else too, but Africa’s got it bad and these people are being mostly neglected by the powers that be), and learn what you can do to help.

Seriously. If you’re going to take the 3 minutes to download this great compilation album, the least you can do is take 10 minutes to read a little bit and learn something important. Okay? Because remember, if you don’t, you’re indirectly murdering people who have little babies at home. And these are not little mongoloid Walmart babies from North Carolina who really will never amount to anything, these are innocent babies that will likely grow up to be kind and generous people that wish to better the human race because they are grateful for the opportunites they’ve been given (like not having their parents die of AIDS because of lazy Americans). Okay?

Guilt trip over. Music!!

The No Alternative Compilation is a great listen for fans of 1990s rock/pop music. Every song is kind of amazing, and I think they’re all B-sides that you probably haven’t heard before unless you have the same, perversely agressive audiophilia problem that I have. So…

Here’s the track list for No Alternative:

1. Superdeformed – Matthew Sweet
2. For All to See – Buffalo Tom
3. Sexual Healing – Soul Asylum
4. Take a Walk – Urge Overkill
5. All Your Jeans Were Too Tight – American Music Club
6. Bitch – Lance Diamond, The Goo Goo Dolls
7. Unseen Power of the Picket Fence – Pavement
8. Glynis – The Smashing Pumpkins
9. Can’t Fight It – Bob Mould
10. Hold On – Sarah McLachlan
11. Show Me – Soundgarden
12. Brittle – Straitjacket Fits
13. Joed Out – Barbara Manning, San Francisco Seals
14. Heavy 33 – The Verlaines
15. Effigy – Uncle Tupelo
16. New Style [Live] – Beastie Boys, DJ Hurricane
17. Iris [Live] – The Breeders
18. Memorial Song [Live] – Patti Smith
19. Verse Chorus Verse – Nirvana (Hidden track on original CD release)

No Alternative – Various Artists
Mediafire Download


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3 Responses to There Is No Alternative.

  1. L@rst says:

    This was the first time I ever heard Pavement too… and being a fan of old school REM I was instantly in love.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah, man! It’s always been one of my favorite Pavement jams. I kinda wish there were more like it, even though that’s kind of a stupid thing to say.

  2. paul says:

    this album is on iTunes now, so you could actually buy it and support red hot’s ongoing work.

    I know this cuz I produced No Alternative with my friend Chris –

    and because to this day, I still work at producing projects with red hot

    Paul Heck

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