Perfect Sound Forever And Ever And Ever….

So it’s all gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be great. Because. I’m going to see Pavement. For my 29th birthday. Well, the night before my 29th birthday. Close Enough. Have I yapped here about how Pavement is my shit? One of my all-time favorites? Because they really really are. And I was too young to really get it when they were still touring back in the 90s.

And then when they announced the Central Park shows, I was still living in California, with no plans of visiting NY. And so I became depressed that I’d never get to see them play. But alas, I find out just last night (because I’m a bit slow and don’t pay enough attention to good things), they’re playing at some park on the East River in Williamsburg. I will be watching Pavement, with the city as our backdrop. I am fucking STOKED. It is going to be such a good night. I am going to find a way to drink a beer with Bob Nastanovich. Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice are opening, which is rad too.

Yes, this is where it will happen. Good, yes?

As the time draws nearer, I will inevitably be raving about this show more and more. So I will shut my face for now.

Below, you can listen to some live Pavement from way back in April of 1994. The show is from The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Pretty wonderful….

The setlist for the aforementioned show is as follows:

1. Box Elder (4:29)
2. Brink Of The Clouds (2:23)
3. Brinx Job (1:45)
4. Fork Lift (3:23)
5. Heaven Is A Truck (3:28)
6. Free Bird / Unfair (3:55)
7. Cut Your Hair (3:16)
8. Angel Carver Blues (1:26)
9. Debris Slide (2:19)
10. Fight This Generation (6:48)
11. Grounded (4:44)
12. Black Out (2:27)
13. Silence Kid (3:49)
14. 5-4=Unity (3:24)
15. Summer Babe (3:59)
16. Conduit For Sale! (6:00)
17. Two States / Gold Soundz / Maybe Baby (7:00)

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4 Responses to Perfect Sound Forever And Ever And Ever….

  1. Heather says:

    Ah, The Great American Music Hall, deep within the Tenderloin. I’ve been to many excellent shows at that venue. Right next to the nudie movie theater. :-/ Ha.

    I’d never heard Pavement before but Jenny and Johnathon, I knew. So, I’m glad there was a connection. I like Pavement! Enjoy the show!

  2. risha; says:

    I may hate you more than a little now.

    Pavement AND Jenny Lewis? Man.
    And Rice is OK too, I guess.

    I hate you. A lot.
    (Kind of)

  3. Rob says:

    It’s for my 29th birthday though, don’t be mad! It will be the last birthday I get to celebrate in my 20s! And I think I deserve it. My last good birthday was 26. I had the best acid trip of my life at a Flaming Lips show in a small theater and then walked home across the bridge to a party and a lot of ridiculous hallucinations. But that was three long years ago. I’m due for a fun birthday, I think. Fucker.


    • risha; says:

      You just needed to throw that “Flaming Lips” bit in there really casually didn’t you?

      I hope you’re feeling the hate because I’m sending it out rather intensely into the universe.


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