Ummm, okay, Sonny and Cher.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I never gave a shit about Sonny and Cher. Other than thinking Sonny was a funny little stoner guy who was pretty great at being a cartoon character. And so I don’t know anything at all about their music. But that may need to change.

I was dropping a deuce at work today. And there is always terrible music playing at work. But today, while I was dooking, I heard a song that I loved a lot. I was immediately shocked because it definitely sounded like Cher. But I wasn’t sure. So I looked it up when I got home a while ago. And, better believe it, this was a Sonny and Cher song called “A Cowboy’s Work is Never Done.” Perhaps you’ve heard it?

Anyway, it’s good. It reminds me of Gogol Bordello or something, but more earnest and cheesy. Here, you can listen to it on Youtube. Pretty rad song, really. Are these guys good, and I just never knew it? This is a disturbing possibility…



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3 Responses to Ummm, okay, Sonny and Cher.

  1. Tom says:

    What a tune.

    I’ve never heard it before and had formed pretty much the same opinion of Sonny & Cher as you had – maybe I need to re-evaluate the assumptions I’ve made about them.

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