Makes me feel crazy, makes me feel so mean.

I love this moment. Everyone in the house is asleep. It’s Friday night. I didn’t go out because I worked all day, and I have to work all day tomorrow. I’ve been home all night. Not drinking. Just… nothing. It’s fucking great. A brief talk/text thing earlier was all the human contact I’ve had for the last six hours. I feel good. Here’s a video from my childhood.

Did you watch Eddie & The Cruisers a thousand times when you were little? I sure did. That song used to make me shit my pants with excitement (figuratively, but quite possibly literally too). I’m sure it influenced my decision to eventually make rock and roll music with guitars and stuff. It may have also influenced me to: be nocturnal, drive too fast, smoke cigarettes, drink in bars, chase women, wear a lot of black t-shirts, and refrain from shampooing. I fucking love it.


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