Pockets full of lovin’.

So. I told Heather (of Boyfriend Challenged fame) that I’d make her a mix cd. One where I sorta quietly profess my undying love for her. Because I made a post that mentioned a CD I made for a girl I’ve been enjoying lately. Well I didn’t only mention it, but I put a mediafire link up so other folks could download the songs on said CD. Get it? Great. Well. Apparently, Heather really enjoyed this mix, and has been totally wishing a nice boy would make her a lovey-dovey mixtape. So, guess what. I did make her a lovey-dovey mixtape! And now, for the first time on Earth ever, I am presenting it to her. Here. This is like an MTV world premiere for a $700,000,000 Michael Jackson video except way waaaay cooler.

Whatever. Here’s the link: Slow Jams for Heather

Her blog, by the way, is quite good. She’s almost as spazzy as I am. And she actually knows how to write. I suggest, once again, that you go do some reading and laughing and crying over at Boyfriend Challenged. Okay? Super! Swell! I’m going to go eat a banana now because I’m starving.


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2 Responses to Pockets full of lovin’.

  1. Heather says:

    Haha. If only you could me smiling right now! You’re definitely my fantasy boyfriend now, there’s no turning back. ;)

    I will be posting my thoughts on this as soon as I listen to it all the way through. Fortunately for you, I have 20+ hours of international traveling to do and a lot of jet lag to overcome.

    No OhMiBod yet, though. ;)

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