Holy cow! It’s THE BIG GIVE!!!

No, hush, this has nothing to do with Oprah. Not at all. No, some lovely humans are doing something kind and beautiful for us all. And yes, they are calling it The Big Give. Let me explain a bit further.

Essentially, this is a contest. But the only way to possibly win is to dig deep and spoil the crap out of someone who means a lot to you. Well, wait. I’m not so bright. So let me just heist this tid-bit of information off of their website, goaheadmaketheirday dot blogspot dot com. Ready? Okay, go:

“The rules are simple: Using $20 or less, spend the month of July plotting, executing, and documenting an incredible random act of kindness for someone. Turn in your results at the end of the month. A panel of four judges will review all the entries and choose the winners.

As if that’s not enough, check out the prizes you could win! Present your personal Big Give in any creative way you can imagine, submit them to our judges, and these awesome goodies could be yours. Do whatever it is you’re amazing at, make the world a better place, and win some sweet stuff! What are you waiting for? Sign up now.”

Get it now?? Easy as pie.

I just want to suggest that everyone should enter the contest. I mean, really, how often is it that you find such an interesting way to motivate yourself towards being a decent human?? And if you don’t neccessarily feel like entering the contest, there is still a bunch of great content to read all over their blog. Stories that will inspire you to at least THINK ABOUT being a better, more giving person. For instance, go read this one; I almost cried.

My opinion is that the concept of “giving” is far more expansive than we realise. “Giving” can be so so many things. Spending time with someone you’re usually too busy to spend enough time with. Attentively and respectfully listening to an old guy’s war stories, even though you’re not into war or old people. Saying “good morning” to a stranger, perhaps cracking a smile too. You see what I’m getting at. It’s not about “giving” someone a shiny new watch or “giving” someone a rad blowjob. It’s about offering up your body or your brain, in order to benefit or soothe another living entity. And yes, of course I count the Earth as a living entity too, don’t you? So you should feel free to do something nice for the Earth, if you want.

Whatever. The internet can be a terrible place. Pictures and stories of death and disaster are all over the web. Somewhere, there are a million people sitting around the internet, making fun of retards. Republicans even use the internet, for fuck’s sake, and we all know THOSE PEOPLE don’t want to give shit. So. I’m just saying. The Big Give is the only thing I’ve ever seen on the internet that is trying to create such a massive wave of positivity and generosity and solidarity, you know? And if I know anything about the fabulous women who came up with the idea, this is probably only the beginning of something amazing.

You’ve got all the links. Don’t be a dick. Go check it out for yourself, okay?
Seriously. Go do it.


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2 Responses to Holy cow! It’s THE BIG GIVE!!!

  1. krystal says:

    you might like itstartswith.us too!

  2. Kris says:

    Oh! You’re awesome. I’m amazed by what great posts people are writing on this. That’s all.

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