Truth hurts like a mthrfckr.

I know I’ve never mentioned it here. And that surprises me. I talk a lot about music that I love, but I guess I’m adhering to The Golden Rule. For the most part. Anyway, yes. Death Cab For Cutie. I hate this band passionately. I think they are the worst thing to happen to pop culture since Oprah. Sometimes, I pretend to be a Catholic, just so I have a decent excuse to pray for these guys to all spontaneously combust. I pray for their tour bus to drive off the edge of the Grand Canyon, and roll and roll and roll to the bottom. I pray they will live sufferingly long enough down there that the rest of the band will need to start cannibalising Ben Gibbard’s stupid face. I don’t fucking like Death Cab. Got it? Great.

That said, I have an admittance to make. I’m pretty sure these monkeyfaced bastards are responsible for the greatest pop song ever produced. It’s painful to say that, but I have to be all-the-way honest and shit. I am going to post a video next, of a live (in studio) recording of this song, and I’d really like for you to listen to it all the way through. Put on some headphones if you can, and turn it up, and then turn it up some more. That’s the only way to understand, I think. Okay, here goes:

I mean, the bass line is killer. Obviously. The drums alone make the song pretty amazing. The drenched-in-reverb guitars bouncing off of each other. And the digital piano, and that Rhodes (or whatever that organ is). Even the lyrics are decent. Good even, for a pop song. I just don’t know what to say. I’m not good with articulation. But really. If you listen, and you’re not completely stupid, you will probably agree with me. That this is the greatest pop song ever produced. Because, whether I like it or not, it really just is.

Tell me your thoughts.


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5 Responses to Truth hurts like a mthrfckr.

  1. Brandi says:

    This is the only dcfc song on my ipod, I swear!

  2. krystal says:

    I love this song – also by them: I Will Follow You Into the Dark & Transatlanticism. Especially Transatlanticism. The rest is for the birds. Kbye!

  3. janet says:

    i didn’t recognize the song until they started singing! and yeah that’s a pretty good song and Death Cab For Cutie sucks because I want to hate them so much but then they come up with catchy poppy songs that I like, like this.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah. It’s obnoxious. I, personally, have never had any trouble hating them. Nope, none at all. Until this song. This song, to me, is similar to what would happen if Hitler killed six million humans and then, later on, fixed the world hunger problem. You know? How can these atrocious bastards be responsible for something so good? It irks me.

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