It grew and it grew and it grew.

Okay. Time for some rambling, a music video, some lyrics, and a few links to great things on the internet! This will be a video that shows a performance of one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite musicians. The song is called Dinosaur Egg. The musician is Scout Niblett. She is an EXTREMELY beautiful and talented and enigmatic human being, and I love her more than any other person I’ve met less than five times in my life. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and I’ve seen her play a lot of times and I’ve bumped into her on the street a few times as well. She is the least egotistical person I’ve ever met, and she is a free spirit in the purest sense of the word. I will admit that her music is not for everyone. I will further admit that she even has recorded a handful of songs that have either gotten on my nerves or bored me to death, but only from time to time. But,honestly, this really is only a few songs (approximately six), and all of her other material more than makes up for it. She is versatile, dynamic, and often minimalistic. Unfortunately, Scout’s music has been compared to early Cat Power dozens and dozens of times… but I think this is completely absurd and unfounded.

Okay, great! So without further ado, here is a great performance by Emma ‘Scout’ Niblett, of her brilliant song, Dinosaur Egg. Also, I’m including the lyrics (below the video) because some of the atmospheric sounds seem to obscure the vocals at times. And since the lyrics are beautiful and hilarious and thought-provoking, it’s really important to me that you have the option of being able to understand the song. Alright? Everybody ready??! Are you excited?!?!! You better be! Okay, I’m shutting up. Here goes:

Dinosaur egg, oh dinosaur egg.
When will you hatch?
‘Cause I got a million people coming on Friday,
and they expect to see a dinosaur, not an egg.

Robot slave, oh robot slave.
When will you spring to life?
‘Cause I got a million people coming on Friday
And I don’t expect to serve them drinks myself.

Solitude, sweet solitude.
When will you disappear?
‘Cause you’re an acceptable guest sometimes
But you’ll not be a long-term friend of mine.

My solar body, oh my solar body.
When will I join you out of this flesh?
‘Cause I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I’d much rather be a golden ball of light, but still have sex.

Tortured spirit, oh tortured spirit.
When will you appear?
‘Cause I’ve got a million people coming on Friday
And I don’t wanna have to scare the shit out of them myself.

And in case anyone isn’t already familiar and/or in love with the La Blogotheque video series, I just want to tell you a little bit. There is a website called La Blogotheque. This is a French website (I can’t read it, and I don’t think there is an English language version either) and they basically just shoot videos of tons of great independent artists, playing music all over random places in Paris. They call them Take Away Shows. Anyway, there is also a La Blogotheque Youtube channel, where you can see more than 200 of these out-and-about-in-strange-places performances. Most of them are great. And I really do mean GREAT. Some of the other artists they’ve recorded (just so you have an idea of the immensity of this project) include… Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, The Thermals, Animal Collective, Stephen Malkmus, R.E.M., Beirut, Menomena, Architecture in Helsinki, Grizzly Bear, Of Montreal, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, The Shins, The Arcade Fire, Au Revoir Simone, Xiu Xiu, (and Scout Niblett, of course) and a bunch of others. It’s awesome. They play on rooftops, in taxicabs, walking down the street, walking up stairs… wherever really. I assume most people who are into good independent music already know about La Blogotheque. But in case I am WAAAAAY off base, which happens a lot because I REALLY don’t have my finger on the pulse of what’s cool and what’s not… well, I just wanted to mention it. Because maybe it will become someone’s new favorite website.

And, guys and ladies, please comment on this one. I’d really like to know what you think. Of the song. Of the lyrics. Of the lovely Scout Niblett. Of the whole concept of this video series. Did you know about this already, or is this your first time hearing? Did this inspire you to go see more of these videos? And if so, what were some of your favorites? I’m just curious really, I like talking music. And I feel like La Blogotheque could open the door to some great conversations.

Okay. That’s all, folks! Have a great night/day. Oh! And be ready for some amazing stuff this week. I am dedicating the entire week to… BEAUTIFUL (inside and/or out), FANTASTIC WOMEN!! This means musicians, artists, actresses, authors, and maybe even a few fellow bloggers. GASP!!! SHOCK!!! AWE!!! Yes, for the entire week, my life will be put on hold so I can promote and appreciate and discuss and just… pay tribute to a bunch of amazing females. Don’t be concerned, though: I will indeed continue to live my life in real life, it just won’t show up here at Stir-Fried until the following week. And I’m letting you know in advance, that I will be sharing with you, at the end of the week, a painfully brilliant Mix CD consisting solely of music by oustanding (and often underrated) women. Anyway. I’m really excited for this week and you should be too!! It’s going to be truly spectacular.

Okay, bye now!


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9 Responses to It grew and it grew and it grew.

  1. Benny says:

    Been a while since I’ve heard Scout. Good stuff. This is also my first introduction to Blogotheque. Excellent. Do you live in Portland?

    • Rob says:

      Not at the moment, sir. I lived there for about 3 years, back 2005-2008, and I’m moving back there in October. Just in time for all the best bands to roll through for pre-shitty-winter-weather tour season!

      But yeah, you should poke around their youtube channel. For instance, you’ll find this Priscilla Ahn video that is gorgeous…

      And!! Thanks for stopping by, sir. I’m glad you did.

  2. janet says:

    i’m really excited too! female musicians/independent music are some of my favorite things!! I also saw Scout Niblett at the same show I saw Laura Gibson. Among others: Laura Viers, and.. those are the three that stood out to me that I actually remember their names. Anyway, when I first saw Scout on stage, having never heard of her before, I didn’t really know what to think. In fact, I still don’t really know what to think! I’ve heard her comparisons with Cat Power and PJ Harvey.. Anyway, Scout seemed completely anti-rockstar. Which is so punk but she didn’t even seem that way. She successfully pulled off ‘I don’t fit in boxes’ and it was awesome. My ex who was also at the show really liked her too and I felt bad that I was into her like I was copying. But whatever. I don’t even really like her. I don’t know what to think. Like I said. But I think that’s exactly the enigma she is. And that’s fucking awesome!! Yay Scout!

    Anyway, no I haven’t heard of Blogotheque. I’m kind of out of the whole indie scene, I guess. But you like some good music man. Even Death Fuck for Cutie (now that changes things). So I’m interested in any mix you make. I’m sure it’ll be great! <3

    • Rob says:

      Where (what venue, I mean) did you see those two play together at? Gosh, that’s such an odd pairing, even if there was a ton of other stuff going on. I like Laura Viers a lot too, but I never saw her play a show! Just a soundcheck once. But yeah, Scout is a weirdo. She has some bad nights sometimes. I’ve probably seen her play six or seven times, but there were two ATROCIOUS shows out of those. She’s a weirdo. Definitely. But she just does her thing, regardless of what anyone seems to think. Haha, that cape she’s wearing in the goat picture I posted? She wears that, like, out and about in Portland. I mean, when she’s not wearing a safety vest or anything. She’s a goofball.

      Anyway, if you want to hear a few other mixes I’ve made for this blog, you can go do this: Oddly enough, in the Mini-DinoMix #5, there is a Death Cab song. But I only used it because it’s a cover of one of my favorite Daniel Johnston songs… and I was pretty sure most people wouldn’t like the original version as much. But. Yes. There are some good tunes throughout those little mixes. If you want. No pressure or anything.

  3. Tom says:

    Having just youtubed the fuck out of Scout Niblett, I think she’s brilliant. I hadn’t heard of her before, and apparently just missed her European Tour [typical] but will keep an eye out for her next London gig. Your blog has become a drain on my financial resources though, since I generally have to download the songs you post.

    By the way; I wasn’t going to say anything, but your last post was amazing – I was literally glued to the screen. Just didn’t want to ruin what’s obviously a really personal post with a prickish comment that wouldn’t do it justice!

    • Rob says:

      Sorry to have become such a burden on your wallet. But good tunes are worth it, no?

      Anyway, Scout is originally from England somewhere and she does tend to play a lot of shows over there. I’m sure you’ll catch her soon enough.

      And thank you. You wouldn’t have ruined my Father’s Day post, but I appreciate your discretion and consideration. Thank you again, sir.

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