This woman is beyond any stupid label I can put on anything. As far as women go, this is my queen. As far as “super rad” goes, she doesn’t even exist in the realm of earthly adjectives. No. She is Nina Simone and she is better than everything else.

If you’re not already a Nina Simone fan, you should probably get the fuck out of here and go listen to her records by yourself in a closet for the next 12 years. No, I’m serious. Stop reading, and go do that.

For the rest of us who already know, then that’s good. But she still belongs on my blog this week. This wouldn’t be “Attack of the Super Rad” anything if Nina wasn’t present. So.

Here are three videos that will remind you that life is beautiful and everything is going to be okay. And yeah, I said three. But don’t get mad if I end up posting like 12 videos. It could happen. And I could also end up posting a video or two that remind us how fucked everything can sometimes be. But she was always good at showing us both sides of the coin. So. I’ll get over it if you will?

I love this woman!!


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4 Responses to Dude…

  1. Kiera says:

    Oh god, how I love her!

  2. Tom says:

    Again, in complete agreement. I caught a documentary on her life a few months ago – she lived, I mean really lived – in music, politics, wealth and poverty. Amazing woman.

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