Attack of the 900 Foot Fembot!

Holy shit, folks, it’s all over now. The dogs will bark restlessly, the cows will not be coming home, ohhhhh fuck. I don’t even know how to write this. But, basically, what’s going on is that my good buddy started a WordPress Blog. And she only just started it like… yesterday, but it’s bound to be one of the best blogs you will find. I really hope this post doesn’t piss her off, as I’m not really sure what she’s after with all of this. But.

Here’s my problem: This person is one of my favorite musicians in the world. And now she’s started a blog about (mostly?) music. But. Does she wish to remain anonymous? Shall I not use her real name? Shall I not even mention the moniker she uses when she makes music? I don’t know. Does she not even want to me to rant and rave about her blog or her music or anything? I… just… don’t… know. So. I, for now, will not say anything. I will give you a link to her blog. I will post a couple of mp3s so you can hear her songs. I will not say who she is. I will leave that to her, or I will at least wait patiently for permission. Okay. Let’s begin then, yes?

Here is a link to her new blog, Auralgasm. It’s about, and I quote, “music.. music.. life.. music.. girly things.. music..” So. And since 98.6% of my audience is made of girly girls, you should all surely love her blog more than mine. So GO!!

Oh yeah, and before I forget. I’m going to give you a few of her songs. Three, to be precise. Which hurts, becuase she has dozens and dozens and dozens of brilliant jams. And I can only post somewhat shit-quality versions, but it’s better than nothing at all (I hope lil’ miss musician agrees). Seriously though, you guys know I’m a fucking music-pervert. I love love LOVE music, and when it’s good, I share. And I’m only sharing this (at the risk of getting in trouble with my friend) because it’s REALLY fucking good music. So. I’m gonna beat some ass if you don’t have a listen. Okay. Okay? Yes, I said “okay.”

A Familiar Hue:

A Verse:

Looking Glass Eyes:

Okay, I’m done with my whining now. I just… I fucking love this girl. She is, and has been for a long time, one of my favorite human beings. And I told her months ago that she should start a blog. And she finally did! And I’m fucking excited!! And, yes, pushing her music is irrelevant… but only sort of. Because she’s making a blog about music that she likes. So, it might help you to know that she MAKES GREAT MUSIC, and therefore she probably LISTENS TO GREAT MUSIC TOO. See? I do work in logic, once in a while. So yeah.

Go see my anonymous Canadadian friend’s new blog at Auralgasm. Give her a warm welcome.


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2 Responses to Attack of the 900 Foot Fembot!

  1. myroundwindow says:

    ahh! you’re too kind! i wanted to remain semi-anonymous.. feel free to use my monicker. haha

  2. krystal says:

    i do like these songs!

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