I heard the voice of Satan, crying in the woods.

This is Daniel Johnston’s “Don’t Play Cards With Satan,” live from his (or maybe Jad Fair’s?) living room. You should make this loud, and maybe turn the lights out. Enjoy a cigarette or a drink. This video is of a kind of beauty that most of us aren’t used to.


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7 Responses to I heard the voice of Satan, crying in the woods.

  1. myroundwindow says:

    so weird! my mom was just listening to daniel johnston downstairs. my favorite.

  2. krystal says:

    I can’t handle him, the music breaks my heart in the first 3 notes. Have you heard Worried Shoes??

    • Rob says:

      Of course! It’s one of his best, I think.

      I agree about the heartbreak stuff, but I kind of like that. I mean, sometimes his music is really uplifting for me. But when I’m going for the sadness thing, he generally gives a sense of security to my sadness.

      • krystal says:

        No I agree! I just mean I can’t handle him….as a phrase, you know…er…I handle him, really. I love it and I like the heartbreak of it a lot. And ‘security to sadness’ is perfect! I’m always going on and on about how listening to sad music when you’re said is the absolute best and that’s the perfect way of saying it…

        • Rob says:

          You have many blog personalities, hmm? You are a confusing one, miss.

          That’s neat though. Most people don’t give a shit about Daniel Johnston. I’m glad you do. It means, at a very basic level, that you and I could relate to each other in a way that many people wouldn’t bother to. I like that. +43 Bonus Points for you!!

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