Attack of the Super Rad Women: Mei!!

Hello, all. So I’m kind of a cock. I got a pretty awesome short post from a female named Mei… more than a week ago. I forgot to post it because my email box is VERY popular lately. Anyway, it’s time now. Very sorry to have delayed for this long.

Before we start, I should mention that Mei’s blog, Diary of a Fair Weather Diver, is really quite good. She’s quite the quirky little thing and blogs about pretty much anything you can think of. She’s funny and spazzy and a highly entertaining read! If you enjoy this here Stir-Fried blog, you are sure to dig hers. Also, she has another rad blog dedicated to movie reviews (although she cheats, and seems to review a lot of books and TV shows as well), called Mei’s Movie Reviews. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Anyway, here is Mei’s awesome guest post:

I Want To Rip Your Face Off

I love Animal Planet, and recently I have acquired a random love of “when animals attack” type shows. I like to watch them and then mock the people who were attacked. For instance, “Hahaha if that dumbass hadn’t covered himself in deer urine, that stag wouldn’t be raping him…” I think I get some kind of perverse pleasure from feeling superior to a man being raped by a deer. Who wouldn’t?

Animal Planet had a new show on a while ago called Fatal Attractions. Everything started off well and good with a guy who collected Gila Monsters and was eaten by them, a woman who collected snakes and was bitten by them (are you getting a theme here?). I was even good with lions and tigers eating the woman who starved them. I mean, duh, if you don’t want to get eaten by a big cat, feeding it properly is a given….

Then came the apes. Guess what, chimps will rip your face off! These people raise chimps like freaky children, and then wham! One day the chimp rips their face off. For no reason! And, one of the ladies who was featured on another show and is raising future face rippers, lives like 30 miles for me! Of course, I watched this show while in bed, trying to go to sleep. Not the best idea! This may have been a single samurai situation, easily dispatched , but I don’t actually have a samurai. All I could think about was chimps breaking into my house and ripping my face off. They’d probably eat my cats too. They’re omnivores after all…

Anyway, the moral of this story is: Thanks Animal Planet, for teaching me to fear apes. I always need a new phobia, and getting my face ripped off by chimps certainly makes me stand out from the crowd!


Thanks again for guesting, Mei! Everybody, go check out Diary of a Fair Weather Diver RIGHT NOW!!


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2 Responses to Attack of the Super Rad Women: Mei!!

  1. I think they should have a Dumbass Channel, which will be a cornucopia of dumbassedness. I vote that these crazy animal owners be on in prime time. Accompanied by the crazy “I didn’t know I was pregnant and now I’m giving birth over a toilet” crowd.

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