Animals were heading North…

Okay, so Menomena are finally finished with a new record, called Mines, set to be released on July 27th I think? I don’t know if I’ve ever yapped about these guys or not. But Menomena are pretty much my favorite band. I just think they’re fucking great, for a dozen reasons. And I know that, while I talk a lot of shit about music in very uhh… (sometimes unreasonably) enthusiast terms, Menomena are a band that probably deserve it.
So I’m listening to Mines right now, for the first time really, like, loudly and uninterrupted. Three songs in and… I’m already wanting to go see them play these songs live. I have a thing for really good, not too cheesy, very musical (or maybe even atmospheric) pop music. Pet Sounds, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, On Avery Island, whatever… GOOD pop music. Menomena is like that. Very pretty, very comforting, Menomena feels very safe.
Three dudes from Portland, all very kind folks, seem like they were raised right, you know? These are not the kind of kids you’d come across in a knife fight, or a car chase. You could invite them to your house for dinner with your mom. Nice boys. And they’re all pretty skilled multi-intstrumentalists, and they (all three) are really kind of amazing singers. And it’s been three and a half fucking years since their last album, Friend or Foe (which was kind of the best thing of 2007). According to the drummer, Danny Seim, “Nothing holds up a process like an indispensable band member being both a perfectionist and a control freak. Especially when your band features three of these types.”
Anyway, this Mines stuff is pretty rad right now. I’m seven songs in and I’m pretty enamoured. It’ll be something worth listening to a lot of, but it’s pretty different. It’s weird though, you know, you get used to something. You have the last couple records put out by a band and then it takes forever to come out, and it’s like the experience of not seeing a brother in a long time and then when you reunite, he’s already gone most of the way through with the sex-change process. You know? It’s crazy. You love your brother, and you think you know your brother the way he is, and then you see a very different side of him, right? Crazy.
Anyway. It’s cool. Mellow, musically advanced music. It’s not all too serious and heavy, but it’s pretty intense at times. Maybe it feels sadder than the last record? Or more grown-up? Something like that, that I can’t put my finger on. I will definitely listen a couple more times, try and figure shit out.
Anyway. You want to see/hear, right?

Or if you can’t see that, try these mp3s of two new songs called



Anyway, I just wanted to write this as a formal announcement. That I really like these guys. And I think I want to go see them at Webster Hall in October. And I think you should probably check them out because they’re a vastly underrated band, and they’re nice people, and I think people who like good music will like Menomena. If you want to see/hear some older stuff, it’s here to be had.

Yes yes.


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One Response to Animals were heading North…

  1. Anonymous says:

    On my Yahooanswers account you reccomended them. And Akron/Family. I listened. It changed my life. Thanks dude. I really want to befriend you on Facebook. You seem like one of the more interesting people in the world. AND YOUR BLOB IS AWESOME. Keep it up. John Bosworth.

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