True story.

Ninety-seven percent of women don’t like being called, “Ma’am,” and I think this is because the sound of that word makes them feel old and ma’ammy. Better to use the word, “Miss,” I think most people think it sounds more youthful than most of the other options.

Everyone seems to hate aging. We do a lot of things to prevent, hide, ignore, retaliate against the presence of getting old. I think it has something to do with wanting to be attractive for other people. So we can gain supposed respect and acceptance from our peers and prospective mates. I am pretty sure that we really just want other people to mate with us. Humans go to hell and back to be more fuckable. This, I know. And getting old means you’re less fuckable, by societal standards and/or primitive instincts. We usually don’t even acknowledge the fact that we’re mammals and we’re animals and we all just want to reproduce and further our species. Because everything that is alive is programmed to live forever through its offspring. Right? At a basic level, that’s undeniable.

And so, that’s why you called women “Miss,” instead of “Ma’am.”


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3 Responses to True story.

  1. Completely with you on the Miss thing! Ma’am is only acceptable when speaking to older family members.

    Wanted to pass some blog recognition your way. I think you def fit the “versatile” part of the award!

  2. risha; says:

    LOL. Great point.

    I absolutely loathe being referred to as Ma’am. Not because it makes me feel old, but because it makes me feel as though I’m being treated with deference. Maybe that’s a being an expat thing, but usually when they call you Ma’am (especially in the Philippines) it’s a class differentiation. *shudder*

    And at the risk of sounding like a complete feminist bitch- which, let’s admit, I am- I often cross out ‘Miss’ on forms and scribble ‘Ms’ if it isn’t already an option.

  3. Amber says:

    I call everyone under 40 “man,” whether they’re a man or not. “Hey, man, do you think you could help me with this thing over there” or “How are you doing, man,” etc. It just makes things easier.

    I have no problem being called “ma’am.” In fact, I welcome it. I have a kind of Benjamin Button thing going on and when I turned 20 I started to look more like a teenager than I did when I was an actual teenager. Right now I’m 26 and everyone thinks I’m 16.

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