Phase One: Complete!!

Okay, so my rad masterplan to neutralize my reproductive capabilities is underway. Today, I just just got back from my first doctor’s appointment. This was the one where I saw my regular “primary care physician,” so she could write up my referral for next week’s appointment with the urologist who’s going to chop up my vas deferens. Due to insurance things, I need my regular doctor to write up a referral, otherwise I’d have to pay out of pocket. And, god damn it, I want the State of New York to pay for my cock surgery. Because that’s funnier than paying for it myself.

So. I got the papers I needed. Success will be mine.

Now, I must prepare my speech and my talking points for this doctor next week. Because this guy will be the one who decides whether or not I’m a good candidate for said vasectomy. So. I just wanted to share all of this. Because I’m excited!


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2 Responses to Phase One: Complete!!

  1. jaminicole says:

    Take that spermies!

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