Life is strange when you’re famous as fuck.

Alright, so this is pretty rad. Mister David Spinks, the founder of, went out to the desert to trip on peyote with the natives. In a terrifying vision, the spirits told him to interview me for his “Behind the Blogs” series. David listened to said spirits, and now he has scotch tape all over his face. And said interview can be found here:

There were some questions asked during this freaky interview that were Too Hot for TV, so… I will post them here. Because I’m world famous now, and I am supposed to pretend that I still care about all the little people. And far as I can tell, midgets LOVE reading my bullshit. Anyway. Shall we begin??

Q: How has blogging helped you in your life/career?
A: I’m still a n00b, I just started blogging a few months ago! I do hope to eventually make some money off of writing, whether that’s a blog thing or a book thing or a magazine thing. But for now, the only benefits are the therapeutic ones. Again, imagine being trapped in an overactive mind for your whole life. And then, one magical day, you have a blank canvas to spit up whatever ideas you want, without fear of judgment or other consequence. That’s what blogging is for me. A much needed outlet for my exploding head. I can firmly say, without doubt, that I’ve become much less stressed out since I started doing it. Awww, see? I’m getting all emotional now. But yes. Blogging has been a beautiful, much needed, change of pace for me.

Q: What do you have in stock for the future of your blog?
A: I never know what’s going to happen before it happens. I do know, however, that I want Oprah’s job. And blogging is going to help get me there.

Q: What is one unique fact that your readers don’t know about you?
A: I’m pretty forthcoming about almost everything, especially on my blog. “My readers” already know too much about me. I’m having a hard time thinking of something that might be surprising. Uhhh. I got nothin’. Well, no. I once won an academic award in seventh grade, for a poem I wrote immediately after I smoked pot for the first time. I wrote it from a snake’s (or maybe it was an eagle’s?)misunderstood point of view. Or maybe readers don’t know that I really kind of idolize Mary Magdalene. Man, these are tough questions!

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations in blogging?
A: I don’t really have anyone in mind. There are a handful of bloggers that I adore more than I care to express right now, but I don’t think my writing/blogging is really influenced by any of them. I think, on a “big picture” level, all of my favorite bloggers have helped me learn the lesson that we are all doing our own unique thing, you know? So long as you find some kind of honest voice, people will be able to differentiate between you and everyone else. I think that was a useful lesson, because at first I really didn’t know who I was as a blogger. But the answer was right there. To be a good blogger, all you have to do is be yourself. Ha, I guess it does help if your self is awesome in general…

Q: Do you have any big regrets in your life?
A: I used to, but I think I’m pretty much over them. I am stoked. I’m still young. I’m feeling good lately, feeling strong, trying a lot of new things. And the only way I’ve gotten to where I am now is by making a ton of ridiculous mistakes. What’s that silly idiom about “you have to break a few eggs if you want to make an omelet?” Yes, that applies directly to my strange life.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: Next question!

Again, for you fuckers with ZERO comprehension skills, go RIGHT HERE to read the real interview. It’s AMAZING, seriously.

And thanks to Mister David for doing it. Really fucking cool, man. If I ever bump into you in Long Beach, I will buy us a pitcher of the finest ale.


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2 Responses to Life is strange when you’re famous as fuck.

  1. Rudy Arifin says:

    The Simple Life – Your Key to Happiness
    We try to us as a nation, they have all, whether we like it or not. We need new cars and new houses, our children have the right sports teams, we have come to the right church, wears the latest fashions, and visit the exclusive social events. And we do so often without a thought about whether we really want these things or not.
    But if our lives with “should be filled,”must haves” and “rights”, there is no room for what is most important to let us know what really makes us happy. We are too busy with everything, such as bruising, we can out of life if we would in fact benefit more if we embraced the simplicity!

    Simplicity means the elimination of “noise” in our lives, the things that do not play a role, the easy access to space, not only in the physical sense. Our life seems to be driven on many levels, but here are a few important areas that are often packed.
    1st Possessions. The need for the latest and most stacked of all our houses, cars, offices and garages with all sorts of stuff left. By eliminating the clutter around about you, you’ll discover not only the sweetest, what to you, but you’ll also have a sense of calm.
    2nd Technology. Think of all the gadgets you need to “stay connected” in your life. Interestingly, the more gadgets you use to be connected, the more they remain separated from the people around you. Take a “quick” business call, or take just a few minutes to notes on the phone, or spend an hour through frivolous e-mails checked. Use this instead play time with your children, your spouse dinner, or stroll to help with the family.
    3rd Brain. Our society values multi-tasker, but multi-tasking, we need at least two activities to juggle. This usually results in more for our tasks and with less efficiency. So concentrate on one thing at a time. They will carry out the task faster and with more clarity.
    4th Calendar. The attempt, a week’s worth of activities fit into a day leave you feeling tense, tired and unfocused. Research to see each item in your calendar, whether it is necessary, then remove everything that is not needed. And do not forget to live in the moment, to enjoy, what happens now rather than worrying about what next on your schedule.
    In the words of Confuscious, “Life is really simple, but we insist on it complicated.” By removing all useless junk in your life, you will discover and make room for what really matters to you, what makes you really happy.

  2. David Spinks says:

    It was a hell of a trip…and scotch tape hurts like a bitch when you take it off.

    Thanks again for doing the interview man.

    David, Scribnia

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