Uh oh, Spaghetti-O’s!

So I may have accidentally told my ex (via drugged-out late-night text messages) that I miss her and miss having sex with her. This is not good. I feel terrible. I mean, I wasn’t lying, but I feel like it would be a pretty emotionally painful/exhaustive thing to hear/read. And it didn’t just come out of left field. I texted to tell her about the success of a certain medical procedure, and then we were conversing slightly and then… I don’t know. But I feel like an ass.

She hasn’t texted me back yet.


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3 Responses to Uh oh, Spaghetti-O’s!

  1. Nathalie says:

    The title of this blogpost is quite funny since this this is going round on the internet right now haha : http://altreport.hipsterrunoff.com/2010/08/totally-alt-performance-artist-squirts-spaghettios-out-of-her-vagina.html

    But however I read the rest too and it’s quite less funny, though I don’t think you have to worry this much about it either … I’m quite in the same situation with my ex right now, and the funny part is he sent me exact the same message some weeks ago, of course it’s going through my mind and I didn’t know what to answer at all… But somehow it always feels good to know someone is thinking about you, even if you’re telling it by maybe saying a little unappropriate things.

    Anyway I don’t know you so my words probably don’t say much, but I felt I had to tell this too instead of just laughing about sick performance artists :) xx

    • That link is amazing!

      I’m still pretty sure my ex is crazy, so who knows? We ended up talking (via text, who the fuck uses voices anymore?) last night, and she said a bunch of nutty shit about how/why she can’t talk to me. Then she continued to talk to me. While I sat there and said my version of “whatever you want to do. we could be friends. and maybe fuck again sometime. or not.” because that’s basically all I feel about it. But she seemed to take it to a totally different, much stranger place. I don’t know, man! I’m kinda over it!

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