Nope, I’m not broken!

It works, it works, it still works!! I know, I was supposed to wait a whole week. But I keep getting these ridiculous erections. And I’m kinda gay for my own business. So I couldn’t resist. I had to take care of it. It’s been more than 4 days now, and some things on the internet said you can “resume sexual activity” in 72 hours if it’s comfortable for you. I weighed my options. Decided the relentless boners were more uncomfortable than the little bit of sore balls. I’m sorry. But I’m excited now! I took a chance. And it worked out! I squirted two loads! All by myself!! And they weren’t weird at all. It was just like normal.

Fucking STOKED!! Life is good.

Congratulate me?


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7 Responses to Nope, I’m not broken!

  1. Glad everything came out ok.
    …. if you know what I mean.

    • No, I have no idea what you mean, maybe you should be just a little more specific…

      This comment reminded me of an old-school episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? When the host was English, and there was that goofy ass tall dude on every episode?

  2. cupitonians says:

    I’m still amused. I love when people take *matters* into their own hands. Just saying … ;)

  3. your blog always makes me smile :) congratulations yo!

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