And the music was good, and the music was loud.

I really wanted to write something tonight. I’ve had a long and interesting weekend, and I’m in pretty good spirits. But it’s already midnight and I’m exhausted and a little hungover. It’s probably best if I just rub one out, smoke a cigarette, and go the fuck to sleep, yes? Mmmm… that’s fucked up. As soon as I heard that last sentence in my head, the one about “it’s probably best if…” I apparently made up my mind to do the wrong thing instead. Yes. I will write.

I’m definitely gonna have a cigarette and maybe some food first though. Hang on.

Mmm, grilled chicken sandwich and a donut? Why not? I love eating like a stoner even though I rarely smoke pot anymore. Hey, fuck you! I munched on pineapple and peantus and almonds and grapes all day. And that was after a night of heavy drinking last night. So. I am a hungry guy. I have a right to be this way.

So. No one wants to hear about how much I love eating pussy. And no one wants to hear my sad/confusing “temporary reborn virgin” bullshit, I’m sure. But that’s the kind of weekend I’ve had. Uhhh… what else?

Ohhh, PAVEMENT in two weeks! Less than! I am taking the 18th-21st off of work this month. For my 29th birthday. I will be shacking up in a pretty rad loft in Brooklyn with a very good human. We will go see Pavement on the 19th. It will be amazing. And we will get drunk and explore for a few days. This person actually writes a blog too (, and there’s even been talk of a dual guest-post situation that weekend!! I also think I’m gonna get a big bag of dank weed for those days. Because I’d like to get stoned and then wig out when/if Malkmus screams, “Walk with your credit card in the air / Swinging nachos like ya just don’t care!” FUCK YES. And I think… yeah. I’m excited. for those days. I can’t believe how soon it’s coming!

And then I’m gonna go to PDX like a month later. Although, getting real, I might need to delay a little. Maybe I won’t make it there until Thanksgiving? I don’t know. That’s all up in the air. And I guess it’s even possible that I’ll get really smart and like… stick around here until I can afford to have a comfortable trip back west. But I don’t think that’ll actually happen. I am way too much of an asshole, an impatient one too.

In other news. Is is weird that I kind of want this to be my next tattoo? This here…

I think I’m gonna do it. Maybe soon. Maybe on my birthday even! Whoa.

What else? What else?

Well, here’s the greatest thing in the history of the world. I mean, if you’re interested…

I think if there was a soup that I could drink, made entirely of the souls of dead people, and upon drinking this soup I would embody a small part of the dead souls… well I’d definitely want Bon Scott in my dead-folks soup. Definitely.


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12 Responses to And the music was good, and the music was loud.

  1. Kris says:

    You’re going to see Pavement with TB?! Those’ll be some posts worth looking forward to!

  2. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    First of all, that really ended your post on a note of near perfection. Second, I eat that way more often than not. I ate nachoes and an Uncrustable for lunch today. Mmm. Why not? I used to eat like crazy when I first started smoking pot. Once I began obsessively smoking it like 4-5 times a day (I was really broke those days, but it helped that I had a boyfriend at the time who shared), I quit eating so much. You know, because a good buzz was more precious than food? I don’t know. I’d just sit for long periods and bullshit. Smoke cigarettes. Go on photographing adventures. Bullshit some more. And then, once the buzz was wearing off anyway, I’d eat something. And smoke some more. And smoke more cigarettes. And bullshit some more. It was a vicious cycle.

    Oh, and have you read Charles Bukowski? (Or have I asked you this before?) Because if you haven’t, you need to get on that. Reading you reminds me of him. And he’s one of my favorites. I have What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire, which is really good, if you like poetry. And Factotum is good too.

    That’s all.

    • I don’t know why, but you always seem very clean cut and… nice. I can’t imagine you being a ravenously hungry stoner with nicotine-stained fingers.

      And yeah, I like Bukowski quite a bit. I think he was a much better writer than I’ll ever be. But I appreciate his ethos, I think. I mean the whole “embracing depravity and making the best of it” thing. I love that about him. And he kinda looked like I’ll probably look in ten or fifteen more years. I read Factotum and I have a few of his poetry books, but there’s tons more that I should get to. But me reminding you of him? That’s a compliment, I think. So. Thanks?!

      • Sarah Elizabeth says:

        You’re very welcome. And I know I don’t seem in my writing like that girl, but I sure am. Was? Well, I don’t smoke as often anymore. I got into a bit of trouble at the family business with it, but I still unfortunately smoke cigarettes. And the only time I smoke pot is if it’s there and being passed around me. But sometimes I’d rather drink beer.

  3. krystal says:

    i like the words for your tattoo idea a lot…so i’ve been considering getting one but i’m so indecisive. i think i need the white ink thing…

    • White ink doesn’t work. But. You should do it. I’m always indecisive, but I don’t think I care anymore. They’re just tattoos; it’s only skin.

      What have you been thinking about getting done?

  4. risha; says:

    Vonnegut! Vonnegut!

    That was said in a slightly high-pitched tone, by the way. It always gets me stupidly happy when I spot a Vonnegut reference.

    Also. TB and Rob? Dream team.


    • Come to Portland, Rish!

      I can show you a great party!
      Or maybe I’ll just head back over the Atlantic in a few months…
      you never know where I’ll end up.

      Maybe your doorstep?

  5. Katie says:

    Apparently Bon Scott broke his leg at the end of that video, though I can’t find any confirmation of it. He did have broken legs from a motorbike accident before that though.

    • No idea who you are, but I think it’s rad that you randomly show up to drop Bon Scott knowledge on my blog! THANKS!! And I hope you come back and do this again sometime. Weirdo. But seriously, thanks.

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