God damn, that’s a big head!

Fuck yeah! And. This was a disturbing video. And. I don’t have to werk tomorrow. I will be drinking tonight. Heavily, I think. The last few days have been awesome. So. I will celebrate. With bourbon and wordiness! Although, I do kind of wish I had a bunch of cocaine and a stripper girlfriend. Whatever. I should be thankful for the things I have, yes?

Also, I sat across from a guy on the bus this morning. BIGGEST head I’ve ever seen! I mean, this thing was like a peach-colored basketball sitting on top of his face. And his hair was all shaved off. No hat either. If my head was that big, I’d be rocking a doo-rag or a serious mullet or something. Also, he had sausage fingers. It was amazing and stuff. I wanted to touch his head, to make sure it was real, but I was afraid to ask.


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3 Responses to God damn, that’s a big head!

  1. Sara says:

    If you had a stripper girlfriend, she would be hawt and all but then she would go to work and be grinding all up on some nasty fat guy’s dick and that’s just gross.

    Just sayin’.

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