So drunk in the August sun and you’re the kind of girl I like…

Shitting my pants! I can’t believe it’s all happening finally. I said in the beginning of summer, when I got my Pavement tickets, that waiting for this show would make my summer go quickly. And it did. REALLY quickly. It’s the middle of September. Seeing Pavement in 3 days. 29th birthday in 4 days. Spending the weekend with a fantastic human, having terribly strange adventures. And just like that… summer’s over.

Portland soon. I think I’m gonna buy my plane ticket at the end of next week. A little later than I had hoped to return, but I think I’m going to fly back to PDX on Thanksgiving Day.

Anyway. I will try and post something more substantial later and/or tomorrow. I have no idea how the next few days after that will be. But by the middle of next week, we can all expect to see some phenomenal blog posts here.

For now, here is a reason why Pavement rules all.


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