I can’t escape that way.


I just got a mix cd in the mail from one of my very favorite people! So far, so good. I am now going to pack a bag. Take a shower. Shave my face. Brush my teef. Put the lotion on the skin (I don’t want the hose again). I might even put on some pants.

I’m gonna go out with a human this evening. For beer drinking. And good conversation.

Wait. This is unrelated. But I have to say it. SOME PEOPLE, I just don’t understand. There is this dude blogger out there. I don’t want to say any names and start a big gay bloggy war. But this guy has a reputation of making the ladies swoon with his words. Which, good for him, I support that. But. I’ve read his blog. I think it’s cheesy as fuck. And pretentious. And pseudo-intellectual. I just don’t get it. Even the name of his blog is total bullshit.

Sorry, man. I had to vent.


I’m fixin’ to get drunk on Absynthe this weekend at some point. I had a talk with the old lady at the liquor store today. She’s a drunk, I can tell. Anyway, yes.

I don’t have time for this right now. I need to get ready.

Busy night. And big day tomorrow! Fuck yeah!

Here’s a live performance of a song from the mix cd I received in the mail today. AND it just so happens that Jenny Lewis is playing some tunes with Jonathan Rice, calling themselves Jenny & Johnny, and they are opening for Pavement when we go see them on SUNDAY EVENING in Brooklyn!

Yeah, buddy.


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5 Responses to I can’t escape that way.

  1. Kris says:

    Haha! I’m a huge fan of _________ _______, except that he never posts. When I started reading him he was doing this thing where he quit his factory job and wrote for a year, or something.

    Anyway, you’re both swell bloggers. Just… For entirely different reasons!

  2. Jamie says:

    Someone linked to your blog in the 20SB forums as a favorite guy blogger so I figured I’d check it out since there is a severe lack of good dude bloggers around here. And then I found this post.

    Even if the writer of that blog wasn’t a good friend of mine, it would still bum me out to see someone openly bash others like this. Sean is really great people, even outside of the blog too. He might not be your cup of tea, but that’s no reason to talk shit.

    And “punch him in his gay face”? Really, dude?

    • Yeah, I meant to edit some of that stuff out. For the sake of being somewhat human. But I was drunk and then I forgot and then I went away for a few days. Oh well.

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