The Birthday Massacre?

I don’t even know where to begin. But I just got back from the city. It feels nice to have some quiet and a buttered bagel. Jesus fucking Christ. This weekend was WEIRD.

Pavement. Was awesome. And there was this funny middle-age guy in the crowd right in front of us. Screaming the whole time, switching between these guttural death-metal screams and a frequent “HEEEEYYYY” that sounded more like Jerry Lewis than I felt comfortable with. I am pretty sure this guy was just there because it was a concert on the water in Brooklyn, he was constantly looking around in awe of how many people knew the words to the songs. And he was short, like my height, and he kept trying to tell all of the tall people to move back. Like, “Hey, buddy, do you mind?” And then he’d motion at me, and I’d make it clear that I have no idea why this dude is trying to be concert height police. I don’t know.

But the show was good. It was nice to see Pavement together on a stage. They played a few songs I really needed to hear. Grounded, Elevate Me Later, Two States, Trigger Cut. Good shit.

And then yesterday was my birthday. This morning, I laid in bed feeling really fucking terrible and anxious. Because my birthday was kind of a fucking hilarious trainwreck. While laying in bed, I made a voice recording. It is an 11-minute rendition of the story of my 29th birthday. It sounds a little emo, but that’s because I was still freaking out when I made the recording. But things worked out in the end. So. Now you can listen here:

Just know that I eventually got my phone back, I met back up with TB and handed off the keys, and I got on the fucking train and headed home. I was pretty pissed earlier in the day, and I think I had good reason to be pissed, but I’m already starting to laugh at it all. Just another one of those things. My life is always weird, and I love being alive for that reason. Although, I gotta admit, it would be pretty great if I’d stop finding random little cuts and scrapes and bruises all over my body.

Anyway, there’s probably more to write about, but I am too tired right now. I can’t wait to crash in my bed. I am gonna sleep so hard tonight.


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One Response to The Birthday Massacre?

  1. krystal says:

    happy late birthday yo!!!

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