The stimulating of my tempura lobe.

Here is another post. It will be full of stuff that I forgot to mention about this past weekend. Because a lot of strange and ridiculous things did happen.

01: Sushi!! Yes, I fucking ate sushi. Now, many won’t remember because I posted it such a long time ago but. BUT. The first time I ever ate broccoli? That was in April of 2010. I’m just trying to illustrate that I am not a veggie kind of person. Nor am I an eater of sea animals. But. I was advneturous on Saturday. Me and TB went to a place called MoMo, which I guess is a new sushi place in East Williamsburg. Stopped in there because I thought it was a pizza joint. NOPE- SUSHI!! So I said fuck it, and I decided I’d try to live a little. So. The foods I ate contained these items: (3 types of) mushrooms, avocado, salmon, seaweed, tofu, rice. With the exception of the last two items on the preceeding list, I’d never eaten any of this stuff before. The verdict? I may not hate mushrooms or avocados. I definitely don’t mind salmon. But seaweed can fuck right off. So yes. I feel awesome. Because I ate sushi stuff and I liked it. I can’t wait to try it again.

02: Subways. I rode more subways this weekend than I have in… probably more than I ever have before. I liked it because it was convenient and there are always pretty girls on the subway. But I got tired of it real quick because it’s… just too much subwaying. I still prefer Portland’s public transit.

03: Brooklyner Weisse! Brooklyn Brewery, in general, makes great beers. But their Weisse is fucking love in a glass. I will drink this hefeweissen any old time. And you should try it too. And their Lager is bitchin’ as well.

04: Why does everyone get mad at me for not fucking? Especially when I always make it perfectly clear that I am an innocent, and I have no interest in anything more than making out. I mean, there are perhaps times when I can be persuaded into using my hands and mouth… I mean, I like to give a woman pleasure if that’s what she needs. But I’m really not into fucking right now. And I have my reasons. Shouldn’t people respect this, and not take it personally, when I say no to the sex? Gee whiz!!

05: The Museum of Natural History still RULES!!

That is all. For now.


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2 Responses to The stimulating of my tempura lobe.

  1. janet says:

    i don’t think we could be friends if you didn’t like sushi ;)
    altho now that i’m a veggie that kind of makes me lame.. but i can still have vegetarian sushi.. or i’ll probably eat fish for sushi!
    i wish i could hang with you and tb.
    you two seem like cool kids.
    even though i’m through being cool.
    i love seaweed though.
    in taiwan they have seaweed everything.
    seaweed flavored crackers.
    i am an innocent too and i say no to fucking.
    but maybe that will change in a few months time.

  2. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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