Guess who else sucks? Conor Oberst!

Well, here’s something that has irked me for two days now. I need to get it off my chest.

The other day, maybe a week ago, I wrote a post that was full of excitement for the near future… but this post also contained a paragraph where I talked about some guy’s blog that I STRONGLY DISLIKE. Well, I ended up getting a whiney comment about it from some girl named Jamie (who doesn’t normally read my blog anyway), and I ended up feeling bad for a couple of days and then apologizing. I apologized about (and then ended up editing/deleting) my original scathing words that were aimed at The Anarchist Project (the sucky blogger in question). I just want to officially retract my apology. And if I could remember what I said originally about the blog that I dislike, I’d go back and re-edit the post.

Mmmm… Well, at least there’s this for you to see. The full text of the comment I’m referencing:

Someone linked to your blog in the 20SB forums as a favorite guy blogger so I figured I’d check it out since there is a severe lack of good dude bloggers around here. And then I found this post.

Even if the writer of that blog wasn’t a good friend of mine, it would still bum me out to see someone openly bash others like this. Sean is really great people, even outside of the blog too. He might not be your cup of tea, but that’s no reason to talk shit.

And “punch him in his gay face”? Really, dude?

Who the fuck are you to tell me it’s wrong to blog about my opinions and “openly bash others” or whatever? This is MY blog, and if you don’t like what I say here, then fuck you. Don’t ever come back to MY blog. I’m not going to tame myself, especially not for the sake of gaining readers. Especially not boring, normie readers (who would likely never say anything remotely interesting to me anyway).

Do you expect me to keep my mouth shut out of… comraderie? For some fucking guy I don’t even know? His writing sounds pretentious as fuck to me. And who the fuck are you to try and guilt me into some kind of sensibility? His whole “not being my cup of tea” thing… that’s a PERFECT reason to talk shit! Why else would I talk shit? I don’t just go around talking shit about any old blogger. Why? Because, generally, if I don’t love a blog… I just don’t read it. But this guy’s blog, in my opinion, is so aggressively shitty and pretentious and then shitty again… that I just had to vent about it. And so I vented. And that doesn’t make me a bad person.

Listen, jerks:
I am just a fucking dude. I just write a blog. I have a disclaimer on this blog that warns all potential viewers that I AM A BAD WRITER WHO IS NOT RIGHT IN THE BRAIN. I make no promises around here, and I have given everyone fair warning that things could turn weird around any corner. Beyond that, this blog is for ME. It is (hopefully, eventually) for MY wallet. This blog is MY therapist. So if I need to whine about something that irks me, even if it is another human that also happens to write a blog on this GREAT BIG WWW, well… it’s completely within reason for me to whine about it on MY blog. So. Maybe you should just… be thankful that I don’t show up on his blog and start spouting my bullshit there? And be thankful that I don’t post links to his shitty blog and make appeals to my readers to go over there and tell him what a fuckface he is?

Also, let’s be real. If this guy at “The Anarchist Project” is any kind of real anarchist, then he should COMPLETELY respect and appreciate my right to talk whatever shit I want. If he’s any kind of real anarchist, he’ll understand that people are people, and we all feel different things, and we’re all allowed to embrace whatever it is we are feeling… without anyone getting uptight and guilt-trippy about it.

I’d also like to publicly assume that the people who READ MY BULLSHIT are probably reading it because it’s honest. I say what I mean. About the things that I think about. I don’t talk about cute handbags and cupcakes and custom dog collars and Gaslight Anthem (shitty pop-punk for upper-middle-class soulless white kids). My readers don’t hold it against me when I dislike something they love, because my readers are brilliant individualists who believe in the right to do and be and say and complain about whatever the fuck we want!

So yeah. Basically… Jamie, if you’re reading, GTFO!!

And… FINALLY, because I’d like to leave things off on a sublimely happy note, here is a youtube video (audio only, well… there’s a picture of two silly pretty girls) of Fan Death’s cover of Goodbye Horses. It’s really quite nice. Dreamy even.


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11 Responses to Guess who else sucks? Conor Oberst!

  1. cupitonians says:

    Knock Out! \m/ I’d give you up as my early morning read if you weren’t honest and so damned good at it! :)

  2. Jamie says:

    ahahaha okay dude

    I probably wouldn’t say pop punk and I’m not upper middle class or white. But you’re right, I do enjoy handbags and cupcakes. Thanks for the shout out though!

  3. jaminicole says:


    She spells her name wrong anyway. And I could honestly never see why people like that blog so much. I found nothing interesting when I visited, but hey. Some people are into weird things.

  4. reckoner says:

    ahahaha you’re 14.

    and it appears you eat a dozen cupcakes. on the daily.
    i mean, i know you have some really innovative shit to write about over there in your blog. like posting pics of yourself taking pics of someone else and you and your GiRl-FrAnZzz with mcdonalds bags on your heads (zomg/lol!), and making everyone’s life richer with revelations such as: “Anyone who really knows me knows I eat, sleep, and breathe music. But, I’m not talented and can’t play music or sing for the life of me”. girl, you had me hooked there in the first sentence, but quickly lost me by qualifying it with your rampant (i imagine) twilight fandom, hipster knitting habit, and self-important blogging.

    so, in other words…
    bitch, please!

  5. Yermom says:

    I don’t know man… I’ve really enjoyed your blog in the past. But it doesn’t really seem like the quotted poster was trying to guilt you or something, just kind of show you there is another side.
    I agree that you shouldn’t change who you are for your readers but “punch him in his gay face” isn’t particularly enlightened, IMO. I don’t even care that you don’t care. I recognize that it is normal to attack back when confronted with a difference of opinion, but I implore you to move past the initial reaction and see if some common ground may not be reached.

    • Another side to what? I said I don’t like some dude’s blog because I think it’s hypocritical bullshit. She came in and said “he’s my friend. pout. I’m disappointed. you should stop being mean.”

      Basically, all I was trying to say to Jamie is: Please, do NOT come to my blog for the first time and start asking me to censor myself for the sake of… ? I don’t even know what her reasoning was behind the “don’t talk shit” thing. Why was I not supposed to talk shit?

      And in all fairness, I went to this Jamie lady’s blog in hopes of finding something rad about her. But then it turns out that (I think) she’s a boring materialist that’s defending someone who’s completely full of shit. To be honest, I can’t imagine the stars aligning to create a more obnoxious situation for me. Jamie’s original comment is pretty much… it is the antithesis of everything that is me. And so I blew up. Because it felt good to blow up. But now? Yes, I’m over it.

      And for the record. Everyone who even knows me slightly KNOWS that I don’t punch people EVER and I certainly don’t consider myself heterosexual. So my punching him in his gay face comment? Hyperbolic and fantastical way of expressing frustration.

  6. Yermom says:

    I guess you just want to be around people who agree with you. Fine by me.

    • That’s a ridiculous thing to conclude. Did you even read my reply to yr last comment?

      I don’t fight what anyone else does or what anyone else loves or what anyone else cares about. I just don’t want people coming up into my world and telling me I need to do this and that. Trust me, if Jamie’s comment was more like “Anarchist Project is amazing! And Rob at Stir-Fried is an asshole and a shitty writer,” or at least a “Fuck you, I love Anarchist Project!” If either of these were the case, I’m almost positive that she and I would be on a path to becoming friends by now.

      I have at least two e-friends (fellow bloggers, as well) who ADORE the dude over at Anarchist Project. These are people (Risha, Kris) I hold in very high regard, and I consider them both to be brilliant and lovely humans. I don’t knock points off of their final score based on whether or not they agree with me on retarded shit like this.

  7. r says:

    I have to say, I love the comments on this post more than I love the post itself.

    I like Sean’s writing; it might be about fucking factories; but he writes about it well. There’s a certain piercing quality about it. Anyway. That is not the point of my comment.

    What I wanted to say is that, why the hell are you defending yourself in the comments? Who cares?! You don’t like some guy’s blog and you said so. Aaaand, end scene? Apparently not?

    It’s the fucking Internet people. Lighten up. (and stop picking on Rob.)

  8. krystal says:

    people are funny. and dumb. dumb and funny. i enjoyed reading all of this drama that has ensued while i was away! i think i have to go check out your arch nemesis now!

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