Sticking your dick in my gravel pit.

Did you guys know that Russell Jones was/is my hero? I mean, he’s obviously not around anymore. But. The man was an innovator (for example… grillz, anyone?), and he was… without fail, he was himself. He did his thing, he did his thing, and fearlessly. That’s admirable. Crazy as fuck, hilarious, and when he was on… he was a brilliant man of a billion words.

So I’ve been sitting around for the last hour watching old Wu-Tang/ODB videos, getting all sad and happy. Thinking about being a teenager, driving around drunk, blasting Return to the 36 Chambers on the tape deck, loving the shit out of life.

Anyway. I just want to put some Dirt Dog on my blog. Because I love him.

And here’s some people who made a video for Dog Shit, from Wu-Tang Forever. I am confident that Dirty would approve of this…


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One Response to Sticking your dick in my gravel pit.

  1. adam says:

    we gon’ party tonight

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