October Thirtieth, Two Thousand Ten.

I’m going going back back to Portland Portland. (RIP BIG. Word to burgers.)

So yeah. It’s all really happening. Three weeks from this very day. And I am feeling all of the emotions. The fear, the excitement, the relief, the love, the comforts of home, just… everything.

The last couple years, away from that city I love, have been tough. I have missed it since the day I left it.

And things are so much better in my head now, too! I mean, I feel lucky. I am newly in love with myself, and I am always (mostly) in love with life, and I am still in love with Portland Town. And I feel like there are so many beautiful things waiting for me out there. Lovely humans, lovely opportunities. The future!

And I’ve decided that I will pursue getting back my weekly radio show. I want to do that so badly, I miss it, it was always so much fun. Which reminds me… I really can’t wait to spend some time with my fucking music collection! I’ve been without it for so long now… thousands of CDs, and a computer full of thousands more. Good god.

And I’m not saying shit, because I’m not jinxing shit. But. There is a beautiful girl. It’s true, there is.

So many more things to be grateful for, so many things to be excited about. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, and I’m going back to my favorite city in America. I feel like the world at large is… in my bed, waiting to be fondled and loved by me.

Whatever. This is an extremely stupid, self-indulgent post. I just wanted to vent a little. I have a right to do that, I think. You know… it’s not my fault you read my blog…

Just saying.


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One Response to October Thirtieth, Two Thousand Ten.

  1. Katie Jane says:

    Beautiful girls and chocolate chip cookies impatiently await you in the Pacific Northwest

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