Hey, look, I am still alive and awesome!

Well goddamn. I haven’t written anything here in a long time. Even longer since my first two weeks back in Portland have gone beautifully slowly, I mean two weeks has felt like half a year. I have no idea where to start this, as there are too many stories to try to remember, but I suppose I’ll start how I always do: a nonsensical low-brow statement containing the word, “fuck.”

Or. Maybe I won’t do that at all.

I’m sitting in Townshend’s Tea on Alberta Street. Sitting across from a girl I’m in love with. She is working on the Willamette Week’s crossword puzzle, because we couldn’t find a copy of the Oregonian anywhere. I am drinking a tea that I don’t know the name of, but it’s very cinnamony/orangey, slightly delicious, too hot to know for sure.

I miss writing. But I don’t have a computer, and I’m too lazy/busy to find the closest library. I do, however, think I’m going to do a few things that may help me write more. We’ll see.

So yeah. Portland! I fucking love this place. I missed it before I got here, but now that I’m back, I am remembering all the other things that I forgot to miss. People… weird ones! And so many dogs. And colors. And hats, everybody here has a cool hat. Fuzzy ones, not-so-fuzzy ones, et cetera… great hats.

Ummmmmm… oh yeah! So I got a job immediately. I mean. I got back here on the night of October 30th, and I had a job by November 3rd. Working in a huge-ass supermarket place, in the produce department again, slinging vegetables and shit. At a place that rhymes with Med Freyer. Yep, I’m keeping shit anonymous so none of my co-workers find me out! The job itself? Kinda sucks, way busy, waaah waaah waaah! But it pays better than my old job in NY, and the time goes more quicklier. (I know, you’ve all missed me, and my charming ways of slaying the english language.) But yeah, job. I have money coming in. Which is a lot better than joblessness.

I was whining a few months ago about how much I missed my favorite burrito place. Well, I’ve moved on to far better things. Nutri-Taco, I think it’s called. It’s a taco truck. They make a chimichanga with soyrizo there, which is a fake meat version of chorizo, duh? FUCKING DELICIOUS. I MEAN, OUTSTANDING CHIMICHANGA!

That’s another thing. I’m kind of in the midst of some sort of weird adult food odyssey. The girl I love, her name is Katie, she is a vegan. Which is kind of amazing. ANYWAY. I’ve been eating a lot of crazy shit. Tofu stuff, and veggies, and all kinds of meatless stuff. It’s fucking tasty. For instance, I’ve recently had two different version of biscuits and gravy, both vegan versions, both pretty amazing in their own respective ways. Yep. And last night, my lady made me a beautiful vegan stir-fry! Uhh… pineapples and cashews and bell peppers and quinoa and tempeh and stuff… REALLY yummy. And then there was an apple-cinnamon cake for dessert, with no animal products, and it was all really yummy!! So. This is big news for me. I don’t know if you people remember, but I wrote about my first taste of broccoli back there in April of this year… And then I flipped my shit about my first sushi experience back in September. So I mean… I’m not good at eating cool stuff. But I’m trying, and lately I’m trying even harder. And so there’s all this good food happening in my mouth that I am loving, all this food I never thought I’d ever eat. And I’m actually enjoying it. Really, truly enjoying it. And it’s even better to be able to share all of my new experiences with a lovely human being that is patient with me, and able to teach me exciting stuff. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on my blog, but I’ve always felt pretty horrible about dead animals and how they taste so good. But to find alternatives that I ACTUALLY LIKE, alternatives that don’t require the cooked muscles of dead animals? FUCKING COOL.

Whatever. So much to talk about, don’t want to waste it all on food. Let’s see…

I now have memberships to TWO different local video stores. Good video stores that have all of the good weird shit. And I’ve found what may be my new favorite mixed drink (It’s called a Victrola, and they make it at a place called The Bye and Bye, I think it’s full of vodka and peach schnapps and grapefruit juice and pomegranate something or other, AWESOME). I got shitty drunk in my old neighborhood one night, at a couple of bars that have gotten better in my absence, and then walked home nearly sideways with Ajé. Had some dairy-free pumpkin ice cream with walnuts… fucking stellar. Had a lot of weird conversations with strangers. Saw the aftermath of a single-car car crash on a playground… twisted up fender and an obliterated “LEFT TURN ONLY” sign. Cool. Saw Yard Dogs Road Show at the Wonder Ballroom, had forgotten how beautiful those girls’ asses are… I know, I know, that’s a rude thing to say. But I love asses, good ones. Regardless of that though, the show was fun and exciting and just… it was the Yard Dogs again. Always good freaky fun.

I don’t know. So much. And so I can’t remember. But I am here. And I am alive. And I am in love with life. I really feel like everything is just going to keep getting better until I die… which may or may not ever even happen. Maybe someday I’ll become some sort of God. Just… an EXTREMELY happy and healthy dude who never feels a need to rush around or worry about anything at all. That would be funny.

ANYWAY. I am having a brain freeze. No idea what else to talk about because it’s all happening so quickly. But this is a post. Hopefully someone enjoys it. And know that I plan on coming back to do this again real soon. Okay? I’m gonna try. Because I miss writing, and I miss my little journey towards becoming Oprah-Famous. So. Yes. I’ll leave it at that. And I’ll see you again in the near future.

Here’s a video from a band that opened for Yard Dogs the other night. They’re from Portland and they’re kinda famous and pretty great. This is “Juniper,” by Y La Bamba…


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One Response to Hey, look, I am still alive and awesome!

  1. Mom says:

    Welcome home. Glad you made it.

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