The same place animals go when they die…

Well it’s been a while again, long enough that I feel truly separated from my blog but not long enough that I’ve lost the feelings. Like seeing an old lover that you simultaneously miss and yearn for and hate. Yep. Whatever.

I think when I started this blog, I just wanted an outlet for all of my thoughts. All the shit I wanted to whine about, strange things to ponder, anecdotes about the hilarity of life. And then it became a therapeutic thing. And then I stopped for a bit, while my life completely changed. And at this point… I’m not even sure if I still care. I mean, I sort of care. Just… I don’t know. I feel like I used to have more to say. Maybe I’m currently in a different place, where I am just looking around and taking it all in. But I don’t feel any further need to “let it all out” or whatever, not at the moment.

But. I do like the dumb little stories that have been unfolding in front of me. Unfortunately there are way too many to remember, and so only a handful of memories get stuck to my brain matter. Like today, when I was nearly accosted by a “mentally challenged” young lady who really seemed to want to be my friend. She said “hi” and reached out to touch my shoulder, and I jumped back like that one part of the Hokey-Pokey… I’m talking about the part where your left arm is in and then you “put your left arm out,” except I pulled my arm away like a meth addict… spazzy and too fast for the naked eye to see. The girl’s teeth were like mis-shaped building blocks, stacked to resemble an early-man city skyline; Sumer or something. She had a clump of rat shit in her hair, I think.

Thanksgiving happened, too. That was neat. I got drunk and ate a vegan feast. In fact, I handcrafted my very first vegan dish: Mac and Cheese. Obviously, no cheeses were harmed in the making of this course. But it was tasty. And there was a lot of dessert. Some shitty/delicious pie made from tofu and chocolate and peanut butter and maybe some kind of ghetto Oreos? I liked it and hated it. And as far as all of that goes, I’m still adventuring in food… like, a lot. But I’m pretty sure that nobody cares except me, so I will spare you all of the gorey details.

Oh… someone important died the other day too, right? I can’t remember who. Oh, right, Leslie Nielsen… or however the fuck you spell that. And, upon further reflection, I’ve decided he is not actually important at all. So let’s move on, okay?

I’m daydreaming about tattoos lately. Thinking of turning my left arm into a literary “Walk of Fame” kind of thing. Maybe a picture of Kafka’s post-metamorphosis Gregor Samsa, or Chrono Constant’s scrap of metal that saves the world in The Sirens of Titan, or a picture of The Little Prince’s rosebush. Maybe all of these things. And maybe a beastly, humanoid typewriter with teeth. Or Oskar’s dad’s key. Yep.

Anyway. Girlfriend is stretching and yawning. It may be time to move on from this here Tea Shoppe. But. I will be back to write again. Soonish maybe.

Happy Christmas to all, in case I am too slow to write before then.

Fuck yeah!!


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