Welcome Home, Indian!

I am the most lucky human I know. Last time I wrote, I was a mess. And then I got better. And then, a week from yesterday, the girl came back from Thailand and dumped me. She set me free. Anyway, here is what’s happening:

I’m going to see The Flaming Lips for my 30th birthday in 46 days!!
I’m single, and about to go on a date, today!
I have a computer now, and I’m writing more and more every day…
Computer’s internet doesn’t work at home, so I’m trying to get out to the cafe more.
I got drunk and essentially destroyed the guitar I’ve been using.
Someone gave me a keyboard!!
I really like birds and squirrels!!!

Yep. This is all good news. Be patient with me, folks. I AM COMING BACK. I will publish this bitch, and then give you a post I wrote last week. Whatever. Fuck you. Stay tuned.


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