Hey, check out this dead body, dudes!

Well, if you fuckers keep egging me on and feeding my ego, you’re gonna keep on getting more of my bullshit.

I’m single. I haven’t had sex in 38 days (unless you count that five minutes last week where my ex-girlfriend sat on my cock for a few minutes, just long enough for me to realise that I’d rather be moving forwards than backwards). I’m pretty sure that I’m addicted to sex. Never understood that before, but my libido hasn’t always been like this.

It’s pretty fucked up to be as horny as a 15-year-old boy, while having the experience and stamina of a 30-year-old man… and still not doing anything interesting with my dick. This is the longest I’ve gone without sex in a few years. It hurts.

The cute girls that come into my job. Their white cotton summer dresses, and the dark-colored panties underneath that show me all of the contours I’ll never explore. The body of a woman with a good ass… it kills me. They come in with their men, smiling and picking out vegetables together, putting together a wonderful and adorable meal. They’re gonna go home and cook and then eat, and then they’re gonna do some dishes, and then they’re going to fuck like they mean it. That’s the thing that makes it harder: When people are cute enough to be cooking for each other, they are probably going home and sucking and fucking with a ferocity that you just can’t get in a one night stand or a fantasy.

Remember when I used to shove videos into the middle of my blog posts, because it was a fun things to do? Yeah, I remember that, too. Here is something from a great band called Tremendous Fucking:

Except this is the fucked up part. I don’t feel like writing anymore right now, because I just got distracted on youtube for an hour. Fuck! ANYWAY. This post is over. More later. Maybe.


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One Response to Hey, check out this dead body, dudes!

  1. jaminicole says:

    i love you and hate you. my libido has increased exponentially, especially since i started seeing jeremy, and it has been six months now. i am putting myself through another four. fuck.

    also hi, i missed you.

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