Everybody out there died, and we had to take over…

So. Joe Rogan is brilliant. And hilarious. And extremely underrated. Largely due to his notoriety from hosting Fear Factor. Which was a pretty stupid show.

Anyway, I’m watching a stand-up special of his from a while back that I hadn’t seen, and so I’m falling in love all over again. Every time I see this guy, he blows me away. He’s like… as smart as Bill Hicks, and almost as preachy… but waaaaay less abrasive and/or angry. Super fucking cool. So I was going to play this clip of the show that I went and found on youtube, but then I also found this other clip from the same show that explains his feelings on that terrible, aforementioned TV show. So I will put them both here, because they’re short.

And so this one is about grown-ups and et cetera, which is relevant to things I think about. You should just watch it. Because it’s awesome.

And he’s obsessed with space and monkeys and stuff. Pretty good, right? So I think I’ve got a friend-crush on him… Okay. Anyway. Point is. I like this guy. You should trust me. And you should like this guy, too. If you don’t already.

Okay. Well. I’m gonna go make some french toast now.  Bye!


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