What is the light?

Yeah. I know. I’m a fucking jerk. I was getting really decent about posting here for a while. But. What can I really say? I just don’t have a lot of time these days. I work my shitty job, and I have a few friends to drink with, and I’ve even found myself a rad girlfriend. Life is good, and I guess that always makes me less likely to get on my blog to complain about the world. And without complaints, I really have no idea what to write. And even the complaints that I do have lately, I just don’t feel like really whining about.

Oooh, here’s something worth sharing:
I turned thirty (30) a couple weeks ago! Yep, no longer fitting into the “twenty-something bloggers” demographic. Me and the aforementioned rad girlfriend went and saw The Flaming Lips! Oh, right… Wayne wanted everyone to know that, despite playing in a fairly small seated venue, he triumphantly went into the crowd in his space bubble. And it was fucking cool. Goodness, so many things to say about that show…. things I have no desire to mention now. You should have been there, dummies!!

Also. Well, no. That’s it. I don’t feel like writing anymore yet.


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4 Responses to What is the light?

  1. Jorah Day says:

    it seems like people really like to write when they’re sad, depressed, or confused. So I’ll take your gaps as signs that you are content and simply be happy with that.

    <3 -J

  2. So, it’s been a while. I have a new blog, so I don’t know if you remember me from 20sb or not, but I decided to drop by today when I was checking out a new blogger. His site reminded me a bit of yours, minus the swear words, but hey, what can ye do? I noticed you’re not really on here anymore. So. I guess I just wanted to say keep writing. You’re a great one, at that. You still remind me of Charles Bukowski, but I like reading him, so that’s good. Anywho. Glad you have a girlfriend and are happy. I remember not so happy posts and definitely no girlfriend. But don’t stop writing just because you’re happy. I quit writing my crappy blog from last year because it was getting annoying and I grew up and well, life happened. Oh, and happiness too. So I started a new one to launch my photography career as well and things have been looking up. So start a new blog if you have to and talk about those sappy things you think no one wants to read about. Heck, I’ll read it.

    Stay rad.

  3. I still think of you and wonder where you are, and how.

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